Nov 7/8 Matters of the Heart
Nov 7/8 Matters of the Heart

Nov 7/8 Matters of the Heart

Nov 7/8 Matters of the Heart



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This week we continue our fall series The Company of Christ.  This conversation looks at how the internal spiritual condition of our heart matters more to God than our outward actions.

What did you do with the warmer weather over the weekend?

Open your journal to pages 59-60. Take turns reading through the passage of Mark 6:53-7:30. What jumps out to you? What are some actions that you will box?



Jesus quotes the prophet Isaiah to show the religious elite that though they work hard with their outward actions to honor God, their hearts are far from him. Why is it so easy to get focused on the outside stuff instead of on the condition of our hearts?

The Pharisees and teachers of the law cling to a ceremonial handwashing tradition to keep themselves spiritually clean before God. What are some things people think they have to do today to clean themselves up for God?

The religious elite fear spiritual contamination through physical touch in the marketplace. Jesus freely enters the marketplace, and his touch brings physical healing and spiritual cleansing. How does knowing Jesus isn’t scared off by your sins or shame impact you?



Read through the list of things Jesus gives in Mark 7:21-23. Some seem significant, and others seem small to us today. But, all of them matter to God. Is there anything going on in your heart that needs to be taken care of or guarded? How can you work on your heart in one of the areas?



The disciples follow Jesus everywhere and witness his miracles but still don’t get who he is. The teachers of the law study prophecies about the Messiah but still don’t get that Jesus is their Messiah. Non-Jews who had no history or reason to believe in Jesus get it sooner than those on the inside. Why do you think we like to label ourselves as insiders, and put others on the outside? How can we change our perspective to look at others more like Jesus?

How can our group help those on the fringe “get” who Jesus is and find faith in him? Talk about ways you can invite others to join you for group, watch a weekend service or engage them in conversation.



This week, we discussed how Jesus is more concerned about the internal spiritual condition of our hearts than our external actions. Turn to page 63 in your journal.  Does anyone have anything they wrote down that they want to discuss?

What part of today’s discussion challenged you the most, and what’s one way you want to apply it to your life? Write it down at the bottom of page 63 and consider sharing this in your prayer request time.


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