Nov 30/Dec 1 Insiders & Outsiders

Nov 30/Dec 1 Insiders & Outsiders

Nov 30/Dec 1 Insiders & Outsiders



Thrive Christmas is December 10 and 12. This event is a festive opportunity for the women of your group to attend together and invite some friends to join you! Share this link with your group to register for either night at


Our Christmas Services are a great time to invite friends to church who may not know Jesus. People are more open during the holidays. Spend some time praying as a group for those you may know that you could invite to meet you at one of our services. Visit to find the Christmas Service time right for you.


When was the last time you got to sit and talk with your small group staff contact? One of their primary jobs is to help you grow, develop and walk through any group difficulties with you. Consider reaching out and getting together for coffee or lunch!


Welcome to the seventh week of our series, The Culture of the Cross. This week’s discussion is about reconsidering how we create or tear down boundaries with those around us.

What was a high and a low from Thanksgiving?

Have a few people from your group take turns reading 1 Corinthians 11:17-34 aloud.  What is something surprising from this passage? What is something that might be a little confusing?



How did the Corinthian culture have a main table and a “card” table? Who got to be where?

What is Paul calling out among the church in Corinth? Why do you think Paul seems to make such a big deal of this situation?

How do we allow our culture to trump the culture of the cross today?

How were the Corinthian church’s meals together the opposite of Jesus’s actions and death?

How could the church be a “billboard” representing healing and wholeness to the world? How can our small group showcase those things? 



What are some of your different experiences with communion or eucharist? Why do you think Jesus uses the plural “you” when he says, “this is my body which is for you?”

How does this practice help us remember Christ’s sacrifice both as a church community and individually? How should it help us remember we are all deeply flawed and radically forgiven?

What are some ways that putting the Culture of the Cross (humility, sacrifice and servanthood) first could change our daily life? What about the church?



How did Pastor Jeff describe “examine yourself”?

Who are the types of people that often get placed at the card table in churches? Who are you tempted to place at the card table in your mind?

Paul says we should be discerning concerning ourselves. What are some ways to honestly evaluate how we need to grow in this area of putting others first and being willing to sacrifice our own privilege?

How can the Culture of the Cross impact how we talk about others, talk to others or even think about them?



This week we discussed Paul’s challenge to the Corinthians regarding the Lord’s Supper and their treatment of each other. What’s one thing that was challenging to you this week, and how can you move forward in that area?

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