Nov 27/28 The Tent in the Desert
Nov 27/28 The Tent in the Desert

Nov 27/28 The Tent in the Desert

Nov 27/28 The Tent in the Desert



Women’s Ministry Thrive Christmas is December 13. What a great time to get together with the women of your group. Register soon to host a Watch Party and get your own host basket with goodies. Details at


This month we are focused on the group value of Stories. Has your group ever taken a whole night to tell each other’s stories and dive deep? If not, now is a great time around holiday festivities! We have a resource designed just to help you do this. Ask your small group staff contact for more details.


Huddles are a great way to grow as a leader and to invest in other leaders. Didn’t make the huddle or want a refresher on the key points, watch the Huddle Recap available now on our Small Group Leader training platform. Find the recap at


This is the first week in our new series that will take us through to the New Year, The Dwelling Place. Today’s discussion will be around how God intentionally chooses to dwell in our midst.

What was your favorite place that you’ve lived?

Have someone read Exodus 25:8-9 and Exodus 29:45-46 aloud. What words or phrases come to mind with the word “dwell?”



God desires to be right in the middle of the people. How do you think this would be different or similar to other gods of the surrounding nations?

In Exodus, we see God prescribing every detail about the tabernacle. Look at a few of the details in your Bible in Exodus 25-27. What do you think the intricacy and care of this whole process tells us about God?



God created a world where humans could walk and talk with God. What do you think it was like to live in God’s presence in the Garden of Eden?

Adam and Eve’s rebellion against God costs them the intimacy with God and their life in Eden. How was the tabernacle built among the people a way to reclaim what once was?

We are not shut off from God now either. What are some ways that you connect most deeply with God?



The various elements of the tabernacle were intended to echo the beauty and story of the garden. What are some ways the tabernacle echoes Eden?

God seems to use not only words, but also pictures and symbols to help us remember who God is and what God’s done. How is it helpful to have reminders and symbols of what God has done before?

Imagine you were walking with your family by the tabernacle as it was being built by the workers. What kinds of things do you think it would evoke in you? What kinds of stories do you think the people would have told their children as they saw it constructed?



God still wants to dwell with us now. Why do you think it can be hard for us to grasp this truth?

God is still about the business of reclaiming and restoring holy presence among people, and Jesus made this his entire mission. What does this tell us about who God is?

God’s presence isn’t just for us to enjoy though. What are some things we can do this holiday season to bring God’s presence to the people around us?

What does it look like for you to be present to the God who longs to be present with you?



This week we talked about how the tabernacle was a way for God to dwell in the middle of the people. What element of this conversation resonated with you the most this week? How will that change the way you think or act?