Nov 2/3 The Garden, The Building & The Temple

Nov 2/3 The Garden, Building & Temple

Nov 2/3 The Garden, The Building & The Temple



A few times a year we put out Giving Tables. This is a way for us to reflect the heart of Jesus in our communities. Take some time in group to pick out a few items and buy them as a group. Visit to see the list from your campus.


This month we will be focusing on Group Growth. There are two ways for you to increase the impact of your group. The first is to add someone to your group. The second is to consider whether there is someone in your group who should be leading a group.


Our staff wants to stay connected with you and help you specifically grow as a leader. The best way we can do that is through a one-on-one conversation and encouragement. Reach out to your staff contact today to find a time that fits both of your schedules!


Welcome to the third week of our series, The Culture of the Cross. This week’s conversation centers on three images Paul gives to the Corinthian believers.

What are your favorite veggies to grow or eat from a garden?

Have someone from your group read 1 Corinthians 3 aloud.  Before they do, ask your group to look for something new you haven’t noticed before or questions this passage brings up for them as they hear it.



What is likely going on that makes Paul write this section?

Why would Paul be so concerned about who the Corinthians say they follow? Who are some celebrities or influencers that our culture currently follows? What impact do they tend to have on us?

It isn’t that Paul or Apollos was better or worse. That wasn’t the point. What are some similar things that can divide Christians today? How can Christians disagree on these types of issues but still get along?

What’s the image of the field and workers supposed to represent?

Sometimes we are God’s field, and sometimes we get to be God’s workers. How have you experienced that? Do you feel like it is harder to be one or the other?

Pastor Jeff Manion said we need to remind ourselves on the way to serving that “it’s God’s field.” Why do you think that is important?



What do you think Paul means by saying that he laid a foundation of Jesus Christ? What does it mean to have Jesus Christ as the foundation of our life?

How can we “be careful how we build,” while also caring deeply about an important cause?

What does Paul seem to say about our attitude as we go about our work? How can the 9-week Habits of Love Challenge help us build things that won’t be burned up?

Talk about some simple ways to practice weakness, humility and sacrifice. Which tends to be the most difficult for you? Which comes more easily?



Who does Paul refer to as God’s temple? How different would that have been from a temple in Corinth?

Why does it matter that Paul’s message is for a group rather than just individuals?

Pastor Jeff said the building doesn’t make the gathering holy—it’s the gathering that makes the space holy. How is your small group a representation of the temple?

How does the concept of God’s people as his temple challenge us to think differently about God’s people at Ada Bible, in Grand Rapids and around the world? What things do we do to build up the temple, and how do we tend to tear it down?

How can the 9-week Habits of Love Challenge help you care for God’s “temple”?



This week, we discussed God’s field, building and temple. Which image stood out to you the most?  What is one thing you can do this week to keep that idea in front of you?

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