May 7/8 Fully Equipped
May 7/8 Fully Equipped

May 7/8 Fully Equipped

May 7/8 Fully Equipped



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This month we look at the group value of Spiritual Practices. As we study the Bible in this current series, encourage your group to go deeper into knowing God’s Word. Consider learning a memory verse together. This month Beyond the Weekend is memorizing Matthew 22:37-39.


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This is the third week of our series called THE BIBLE. This week’s conversation looks at three reminders of how the Bible equips us.

Have you ever gone on a trip and lost luggage or realized you didn’t pack everything you needed? Share about that experience with your group.

Have someone read 2 Timothy 3:14-17. What phrases or words stand out to you and why?



Paul writes the letter of 2 Timothy to encourage the young pastor Timothy to continue and not give up. What are some of the reasons Timothy might need this encouragement? (Look back at 2 Timothy 1, 2 or 3 for background.)

Paul reminds Timothy of his lifelong knowledge of the Scriptures and how God’s Word provides wisdom. How might Timothy have felt receiving this reminder from his mentor?

There are times in our life when we may feel like bailing on Christianity. What are some reasons people may find themselves in that difficult place? How could we encourage each other if that is one of us?



Paul says the Bible is inspired by God, or literally God-breathed. How can remembering this truth encourage us to turn to God’s Word during various seasons of our lives?

We see the first use of God’s breath in Genesis bringing life to the human. Jesus talked about how the Scriptures themselves should bring life. How have you experienced a time when the God-breathed Scriptures brought life to you?

Paul references the Old Testament Scriptures and how they point to Jesus. How have you viewed the Old Testament, and how might this truth of the Scriptures pointing to Jesus shape that view?



Have someone reread 2 Timothy 3:16. What four things does Paul say the Bible is useful for, and what do you think each means?

Where have you seen someone effectively use the Bible in conversation to teach and train others to be more like Christ?

Scripture, through the Holy Spirit, gives us all the equipment we need for spiritual leadership. What are some of the practices and habits that have helped to equip you with Scripture? How would you like to grow in this area?

Pastor Jeff Manion encouraged us that our Chair Time (regular time with God) and study of the Bible isn’t just for us, but God might be giving us something for someone else. Share about a time God gave you something in your Chair Time that you were able to use to encourage or help someone else.

What is a particular Scripture passage that has been useful in equipping you to live the beautiful and good life God created you for?



Today we talked about three reminders of how Scripture equips us. Which reminder impacted you the most, and what difference will that make in your approach to Scripture this week?