May 29/30 Upward & Outward
May 29/30 Upward & Outward

May 29/30 Upward & Outward

May 29/30 Upward & Outward



Next week we launch a new summer sermon series with Pastor Jeff Manion called RE:THINK. Whether you’re traveling for summer, attending in person or watching online, don’t miss this four-week series starting June 5/6.


This month we focus on serving. Serving is one way our groups can reach outward with Jesus’s love. There are opportunities to serve our church community or local community. Have a conversation about serving together as a group this summer. Choose someone to be the serving champion to get started on making it happen.


Your staff contact is here to support and encourage you as a leader. As we head into summer, they’d love to connect with you to celebrate what went well this year and help you think through any areas of growth for your group. Reach out to them to schedule a time to meet over the summer.


Welcome to the second and final week of our series with John Dickson called Dream Church. This week, we talk about how the ideals of the first church help us look upward toward God and outward to invite others in.

What was a highlight of your Memorial Day weekend?

Read Acts 2:42-47 aloud. What most impresses you about the early church in this passage?



The early church continually focused upward to God, which included a devotion to prayer. Where have you seen an individual or group give diligent attention to prayer?

Pastor John Dickson said we have no less reason for awe in all God has done today than the early church did. Share as a group things God has done in your lives over the past year that deepen your awe of him.

Praise can be defined as the verbal expression of our awe of God. Pastor Dickson said praise is incomplete unless we are expressing our awe and wonder. How have you experienced something not being as exciting as it could be because there was no one to share it with?

What are some things we should be more regularly praising God about?



Pastor Dickson shared how public perception of the church in Australia seemed contradictory. People viewed Christians harshly (traditional, judgmental, old-fashioned, opinionated, hypocritical) yet also favorably (caring, loving, kind, honest, faithful). Why do you think such a contradiction of opinions exists about Christians?

How have you experienced that contradiction?

Have someone read 1 Timothy 3:6-7 aloud. The Apostle Paul required church leaders have a good reputation with outsiders. Why do you think it’s so important that Jesus-followers have a good reputation, or favor, with those who don’t know Jesus?

The early church experienced exponential growth as God added to their numbers daily. Pastor Dickson said God loves growth because God loves people. In what ways can we model God’s love for people and encourage growth for our small group or church community?



This week we discussed two more of the founding ideals of the first church: (1) upward and (2) outward. Which ideal do you want to focus on this week, and what’s one way to do that?


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