May 20/21 The Legion
May 20/21 The Legion

May 20/21 The Legion

May 20/21 The Legion



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This May, we’re focusing on SERVING. The Bible teaches that God has given us gifts to serve others (1 Peter 4:10). Discuss the gifts you see in each other and potential opportunities to use those gifts to serve others for God’s glory.


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Welcome to the second week in our sermon series, ENCOUNTERS WITH JESUS. We’ll talk about Jesus’s encounter with a man with an impure spirit.

What is something you’ve done recently that stretched you out of your comfort zone?



Have someone read Mark 5:1-20 aloud.

Who are the characters in this story, and how did each one respond when they encountered Jesus?

What does this passage reveal about Jesus?

What is something else that stands out to you in this passage?



Pastor Aaron Buer talked about Mark’s story of Jesus’s encounter with a man with an impure spirit. As a group, name his main points.

Which point stood out to you the most? Why?

What do people often consider too messed up or too dark to bring to Jesus?

Jesus doesn’t avoid the man’s darkness but confronts it head-on and heals with his power and purity. What does this reveal about God’s character and his heart for us?

Jesus’s power disrupts many people’s lives in this story. Why do we sometimes wish Jesus wouldn’t disrupt our lives?

How has Jesus’s power disrupted your life and what did he bring as a result?

The man wanted to go with Jesus, but Jesus didn’t let him. What mission did Jesus have for him instead, and what may that have looked like?

Discuss how your group can help each other grow in trusting Jesus and his plan for your lives, especially when it doesn’t match what we think is best.

Who do you need to go and tell what Jesus has done for you? Share those names with the group and commit to praying that each group member will have opportunities to share with the people they named.

Is there anything else from the sermon you would like to discuss today?



Today we discussed Jesus’s encounter with a man with an impure spirit. How will you respond to Jesus and invite him to work in your life this week?