May 11/12 Influences
May 11/12 Influences

May 11/12 Influences

May 11/12 Influences



PRAYER AND CARE. All of us need a little help sometimes. No matter what you may be going through or feeling—you are not alone. God loves you very much, and so do we. We are happy to pray for your requests and have a conversation with you if you’d like. You can share your prayer requests with your staff contact or at


This May, we focus on BIBLICAL TRUTH. We begin the sermon discussion guide each week by reading the primary Scripture from the sermon and answering a few observation questions about that passage. Consider how your group discusses the verses and how you can grow together by slowing down to observe the passage and ask questions about the text.


How can you help your group open up more? Check out this short video by author and small group trainer Bill Search for tips to lead your group into emotional vulnerability.


Welcome to the fourth week of our sermon series, REKINDLE. This week, we look at Paul’s instructions to Timothy regarding the spiritual influences in his life and the influence he has with others.



Who have been the most significant spiritual influences in your life?



Have someone read 2 Timothy 3:10-17 aloud.

What stands out to you in this passage?

What is the tone of this passage, and why do you think Paul takes that tone?

Which aspects of Paul’s life and character does he remind Timothy to follow closely, and why?



Pastor Aaron Buer continued our Rekindle sermon series by discussing spiritual influences including our influence on others. As a group, recall some of the sermon’s big ideas or main points.

When have you witnessed selfishness (“lovers of themselves”) lead to destructive behavior?

When might we be tempted to deny the transformative power of the gospel in our lives and become “lovers of self” instead?

How have you experienced the gospel’s power to change your identity, purpose, and trajectory in life?

Who has been a spiritual mentor or “Paul” in your life, helping guide you in your faith journey? What in their spiritual life stands out to you?

How has their influence affected your walk with Christ?

If you are a parent or have younger people in your life, what intentional steps can you take to instill biblical truth and a love for Scripture in the kids’ lives?

Who could you intentionally invest in as a spiritual mentor, being a “Paul” to their “Timothy”?

Which part of the sermon encouraged or challenged you the most, and why?



Today, we discussed how we are called to be a spiritual influence and recognize the influence of others in our lives, whether for good or for bad. What is your one big takeaway from our conversation today?