March 9/10 Closing the Gap
March 9/10 Closing the Gap

March 9/10 Closing the Gap

March 9/10 Closing the Gap



EASTER SERVICES are a great time to start serving at Ada Bible Church and show visitors and other community members hospitality. We have opportunities for individuals, families, and groups. You can serve with our hospitality team, coffee ministry, facilities team, and more. Find opportunities and sign up to serve HERE.


This March, we focus on SERVING. Will you reach out to someone in the community or an organization where you can serve? Consider having one person in the group champion a project day for everyone to help with.


Have you reached out to your STAFF CONTACT lately for a one-on-one meeting? Your staff contact would love to know how to pray for you and your group, answer any questions and encourage you. Reach out today to find a time to connect.


Welcome to CLOSING THE GAP with our guest speaker, Pastor Bob Merritt. This week, we look at the story of God meeting a widow’s need and God’s great work in our gaps.



What was the highlight of your week?



Have someone read 2 Kings 4:1-7 aloud.

What instructions does Elisha give the widow, and how do you think she felt when she heard them?

What does her response reveal about her character?

What does this passage reveal about God’s character?



Pastor Bob Merritt taught us that God does great work when we face gaps in our lives. As a group, recall some of the sermon’s big ideas or main points.

In our culture, how do people typically respond to gaps or challenges in their lives?

Are there areas of your life in which you struggle to ask God boldly for help or guidance? What hinders you from asking God boldly?

What would it look like for you to boldly ask God for help in those areas of struggle?

Reflect on a time when you acted decisively in faith, even when the outcome seemed uncertain. How did God meet you in that situation?

Trusting God daily can be challenging, especially when facing uncertainty or adversity. How can we maintain trust in God’s provision and guidance on a day-to-day basis?

Think about the various gaps in your life (marriage, relationships, purpose, etc.). How might trusting God daily affect your approach to filling those gaps?

Share about a difficult time in which you struggled to trust God daily. How did God help you grow in that experience?

Ultimately, our greatest need is God himself, not just what he provides. We will struggle to trust God if we do not know him. Share as a group some attributes and characteristics of God that help you trust him in your gaps.

Which part of the sermon encouraged or challenged you the most, and why?



Reflect on any gaps or challenges you’re currently facing. How will you apply the principles of asking boldly, acting decisively and trusting God daily to these situations moving forward?