March 25/26 The God-Shaped Hole
March 25/26 The God-Shaped Hole

Mar 25/26 The God-Shaped Hole

March 25/26 The God-Shaped Hole



We have MANY PLACES TO SERVE. We need people to serve Easter weekend, on the hospitality team other services and in children’s ministry. Discover Jesus in a whole new way when you serve at church with your small group. Links to Serve Easter + Others at under Info & Events.


This month we are focusing on the group value of BIBLICAL TRUTH. Each week there are verses referenced in the discussion guide. Consider how your group can interact with those verses beyond just reading them and answering the next question.


The final LEADER HUDDLE of the year is coming up in April. We’ll discuss how to stay connected as a group over the summer. Carve out some time to attend. For more information, reach out to your staff contact.


This week we continue our series called GOSPEL CHANGE. The conversation revolves around how the gospel changes how we meet some of our deepest longings.

Most schools have Spring Break coming up in the next few weeks. What’s a favorite Spring Break memory you have?



Have someone read Colossians 3:5 aloud. What does Paul say the believers should do?

Paul provides a list of actions believers should stop doing. What is the reason Paul gives for them to stop being greedy?

What do you think is at the core of greed?

What are the types of things you find yourself being greedy about?



Have someone read 1 Timothy 6:17 aloud. Who is Timothy, and why is Paul writing to him?

Pastor Jeff Manion mentioned that we can develop an “if only” attitude. What are some common “if only” that you’ve heard?

Those things can never provide real hope. We have to put our hope in the giver, not the gift. How do you navigate not putting your hope in things but enjoying them as gifts from God?

How can your group help draw each other back to truth when you slip into “if only” thinking?



Have someone read Hebrews 13:5 aloud. What justification does the author give for being content?

Contentment acknowledges what you have is enough. How can shifting focus from the things you can lose to the things you can never lose help us be content?

The gospel breaks the sin barrier between God and us AND changes us from the inside out. How can diving into the truths of the gospel help us put things like money and possessions in their proper place?

This change isn’t instantaneous. What are some ways you can regularly remind yourself of the truth of the gospel to maintain contentment amid a materialistic culture?



Today we discussed how the gospel fills our deepest longing and changes how we view our stuff. What stuck out to you from today’s conversation? What’s something you want to do differently because of today’s discussion?