Mar 7/8 The Two Sons

Mar 7/8 The Two Sons

Mar 7/8 The Two Sons



A crucial part of the Row/Circle/Chair philosophy is a practice of inviting God into our day. We call this Chair Time. Ada Bible provide a great Chair Time resource called Beyond the Weekend. Talk to your small group about their Chair Time and use of Beyond the Weekend. Sign up to receive an email (Monday–Friday) or read it online at


March is a great time to plan to serve together as a group. Designate someone as a serving champion and mark a date on your calendars.


We are so grateful for our small group leaders. God wants to work in your group, and leaders are uniquely designed to help. To celebrate, small group leaders are invited March 13 from 6:30-8:30 at the East Paris Campus for a night of laughter, celebration and inspiration. Leaders, register here so we can save a spot for you.


Welcome to the second week of our series that takes us to Easter, Missing the Point. This week, we see a confrontation between the religious elite and Jesus.

Have you done anything fun with the sunshine we’ve been having lately?

Read Matthew 21:18-32 aloud. Who are the main characters? What had happened on Monday to escalate the situation?



The fig tree is supposed to provide shade and fruit. How would each of those things be a blessing?

What does the fig tree in the story actually do?

What question do the religious leaders ask Jesus? Who were the chief priests? Why do you think they ask him that?

How were the chief priests trusting their heritage and position for their standing with God? How does that happen today?

Read Luke 3:1-18 aloud. What message did John deliver? What examples does John give for how to change your life?

If John was talking to us, what examples do you think he would give?

Why do you think Jesus references John’s baptism? Why do the religious leaders refuse to give an answer? What does that tell us about them?

How have the religious leaders made it all about them? What are some ways it can be easy to make our relationship with God about us?



How do the two sons respond to the father? Who do the characters represent?

What’s the difference between the way the two sons resist the father? How is the one who said “no” actually in better shape?

Which of these sons do you resonate with more, and why?



What’s the risk of saying “yes” to God and not following through?

What are some ways people say “yes” to God, but don’t follow through? Where do you feel like you said “yes” to God but haven’t followed through?

What do you need to repent of?

How can this small group help each other follow through on these things?



This week we discussed the confrontation on Tuesday that led to Jesus getting killed on Friday. How can you carry what we discussed today into your week?

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