Mar 4/5 The Gospel and Pain
Mar 4/5 The Gospel and Pain

Mar 4/5 The Gospel & Pain

Mar 4/5 The Gospel and Pain



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This March we are focusing on the group value of Biblical Truth. Conversations around God’s word are at the core of small groups. The mission of small groups at Ada Bible Church is to make disciples in relational environments. As a leader, reflect on the role of God’s word in your group and whether there are any changes you need to make to how your group functions.


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Welcome to week four of our series called GOSPEL CHANGE. We’ll talk about four reasons the gospel gives us hope in the midst of struggle or suffering.

What do you most look forward to about the coming of spring?

Have someone read Romans 8:18-30. What is something you found surprising or unexpected in these verses? What emotions do these verses stir up in you?



Paul says that creation has been subjected to frustration and brokenness. What are some ways that we see this in the world around us?

Despite this brokenness, the cross of Christ is about the restoration of all things. What are some things that you hope to see restored?

How does the promise of restoration give us hope in the midst of our difficulties or pain?



There are times when, even though we have the gift of the Holy Spirit, we also may groan inwardly because we are in pain. Talk about a time when you felt like your soul was groaning.

How does it impact you to think about a time when we will no longer experience pain, anxiety or physical struggles?

What might it look like for us as a group to encourage each other and hold on to this hope in a season where it feels really difficult, or we are in physical pain?



Paul wants the Jesus-followers in Rome not just to know that pain will go away in eternity but that God is with them in their pain today. When have you experienced the presence of God amid suffering, and how did God reveal that to you?

Even when we don’t know how to pray or we’re overwhelmed, the Spirit intercedes for us. What do you think this means?

How does knowing that you’re not alone and the weight doesn’t fall all on you encourage you today?



Have someone re-read Romans 8:28. What is something new about this verse that maybe you heard differently this weekend?

Paul wants his audience to know that God can use even their suffering to help them grow and benefit their flourishing. Why might this be a surprising truth when we are in the middle of a challenging season?

God’s ultimate goal is to conform us to the image of Jesus. How can our response to pain or suffering lead us toward growth or down into bitterness?



Today we discussed four hopes that Paul provides in this passage from Romans. Which of these was most encouraging for you this week, and how will you live into that hope?