Mar 28/29 Goodness in a Season of Loss

Mar 28/29 Goodness in a Season of Loss

Mar 28/29 Goodness in a Season of Loss



Talk to your group about how they are staying engaged in all three environments of growth: The Row, The Circle and The Chair. How can your group encourage each other to stay engaged in those environments? Discuss how staying engaged will help us get through this together.


This month we are focused on serving. Take some time during your online group meeting to brainstorm ways that your group can still serve the community. Visit for some ideas of how your group can help during this time.


If you haven’t already, connect with your small group staff to talk through strategies for your group. Try to connect with them via phone or zoom this week.


Pastor Jeff Manion’s message this week helps us see how God is pleased to work in times of trouble. This week we are discussing how God meets Naomi in her distress through the actions of Ruth and Boaz.

What’s life look for you these days?

Have people take turns reading aloud parts of the story of Naomi, Ruth and Boaz in Ruth 1-2. What jumps out to you?



Naomi doesn’t sugarcoat her emotions. Why is it not helpful to pretend everything is alright when it isn’t?

How should we handle talking to God about our circumstances and feelings? What emotions are you experiencing right now?

God meets Naomi when she feels emptied out. What does it reveal about God, and how can that encourage us? When have you experienced God meeting you when you’ve felt emptied out in the past?



How does Ruth walk side-by-side with Naomi through the story?

What are some ways to walk side-by-side with someone today? How have you seen or experienced this?

How will our current circumstances provide opportunities to walk side-by-side with others both in the short-term and long-term?



How does Boaz go above and beyond what was required?

What people and types of organizations might need help the most in the coming weeks and months? Who are you looking out for?

How can we get our heart ready now to go above and beyond to meet a need in the future? What does it mean for you personally to tell God, “all I have is yours”?



This week we talked about how God was pleased to meet Naomi through the goodness and kindness of others when she was emptied out. How does Jesus go above and beyond, walk with us side-by-side and be emptied out for us? What’s something you want to do differently based on today’s discussion?

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