Mar 21/22 Thriving in Seasons of Uncertainty

Mar 21/22 Thriving in a Season of Uncertainty

Mar 21/22 Thriving in Seasons of Uncertainty



Group connections are more important now than ever. Consider calling your group members once or twice a week, and texting individuals more often than usual. It is vital to connect however we can since we aren’t meeting in person and don’t have weekend services/events.


This month we are focused on serving. Take some time during your online group meeting to brainstorm ways that your group can still serve in the area. We can’t help everyone, but we can help someone! Visit for an updated list of opportunities.


Now is a great time to connect with your small group staff contact to talk through strategies for your group. Try to connect with them via phone or Zoom this week.


Pastor Jeff Manion’s message addressed the uniqueness of our current situation. This week, we are discussing Paul’s message to the Corinthians of the troubles they were facing in light of a perspective on Christ.

Talk about one new favorite practice you or your family has implemented to find routine, comfort or joy at home.

Read 2 Corinthians 4:7-18 in a couple different translations. What words jump out at you, or seem most important?



What makes our current situation most challenging for you and/or your family? Without minimizing but also without over-emphasizing, how can we see that this is light and that “this ain’t that”?

To be human is to suffer. Think of a few other stories in Scripture when some of the heroes of the faith suffered considerably. What can we learn from their experiences? What are some things we can do to suffer well in the midst of a global upheaval?

As painful, frustrating and inconvenient as it may be, it is essential to remember that this will pass, though we might not see that now. Read 2 Corinthians 4:16-18 aloud again. What are some healthy ways for us to remember the temporary nature of our situation?

What does it mean for you to focus on what is unseen? How do we encourage each other to do that? 



Read 2 Corinthians 1:3-11. What situations were the Corinthians facing? How severe would you categorize what they were going through?

We will likely all need to grieve the loss of an opportunity, event, experience, or more during this situation.  When have you had to grieve a loss like that in the past? How have you seen or experienced God bring comfort in a missed opportunity like that?

Why do you think hope is so important? When has a focus on the hope of something in the future helped you make it through a difficult time? How would it help for you to remember our eternal future?



Have someone read Philippians 4:4. Right now, you might feel like an inmate on house arrest, but that was exactly what Paul was going through when he wrote these words! Read that verse aloud again. How do you think Paul could say something like that given his situation?

What are some things we can rejoice about during what we are experiencing? How have you found ways to rejoice this week?

Has anyone in the group been practicing the habit of thankfulness? If so, how has that impacted you?

What can get in the way of not committing to being thankful? How can we help each other overcome that? What are your three things today?

Take some time as a group to brainstorm ways you can show true love by serving your neighbors or the community while still maintaining distance. Think about individuals, families, groups or organizations.



This week we talked about how we can thrive in a season of uncertainty. What is one step this week you need to implement?

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