Mar 20/21 Fly Away
Mar 20/21 Fly Away

Mar 20/21 Fly Away

Mar 20/21 Fly Away



We added a service for Easter! This year, we are hosting a 7:30 am service on Easter to help provide extra room and keep people safe. For more information or to reserve a seat for an Easter service, visit


Easter is just around the corner and it may look different this year, again. As a group, think through some creative ways you could invite someone who may not usually attend church or might not feel comfortable going to church to join you in your home, in a small gathering or some other way.


Missed the last huddle or want a refresher on the discussion? Check out the huddle recap where we discuss one of the greatest gifts a leader can bring to their group here.


Welcome to the fifth week of our series Honest to God. This week’s conversation is about betrayal and the God who experienced it for us.

Spring break is just a couple of weeks away. What’s one of your favorite spring break memories?

Have someone read Psalm 55 aloud. What words or phrases stick out to you?



David’s situation is so bad he wants to be somewhere else. He wants to fly away. When have you felt that way?

David uses numerous emotional terms in his conversation with God. How could it be helpful for us to label our emotions and bring them to God?



A trusted friend betrays David. Why does it hurt so much worse when someone close to us betrays us?

When we are wounded, it is common to make a vow to never trust anyone again. What are some of the dangers of making that vow?

Jesus lived the full human experience. He was abandoned, betrayed and deserted by those closest to him. How can remembering Jesus has been through that help you feel comfortable talking to him?



David transitions from trouble to trust. Have someone read Psalm 55:16-19 aloud. How does David show his trust in God through these verses?

There seems to be a connection between talking to God and trusting him. How have you experienced this connection?

As a group, spend some time pouring out your heart to God. Go around your group using a prayer like this as a model, “God, I feel (mad, glad, sad, excited, afraid, ashamed) because of ______. I pour my heart out to you. Like David said, ‘As for me, I trust in you.’”



This week’s conversation shows us an honest conversation with God. What’s one way you want to carve out time to pour out your heart to God this week?


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