Mar 18/19 Enemies of the Gospel
Mar 18/19 Enemies of the Gospel

Mar 18/19 Enemies of the Gospel

Mar 18/19 Enemies of the Gospel



We have MANY PLACES TO SERVE. We need people to serve Easter weekend, on the hospitality team other services and in children’s ministry. Discover Jesus in a whole new way when you serve at church with your small group. Links to Serve Easter + Others at under Info & Events.


This March, we are focusing on the group value of BIBLICAL TRUTH. Conversations around the Bible are at the core of small groups. The mission of small groups at Ada Bible is to make disciples in relational environments. As a leader, reflect on the role of God’s words in your group and whether there are any changes you need to make to how your group functions.


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Welcome to week six of our series called GOSPEL CHANGE. Today we discuss three ways we sabotage the work of the Gospel in our lives.

What was the highlight of your week?

Have someone read Philippians 3:1-16. What words or phrases stand out to you in this passage?



This passage begins with a strong warning for the believers in Philippi (Philippians 3:2). How might they have felt when receiving this warning?

Paul is so fired up because people had come into the church saying they need Jesus AND to become Jewish. What things do people tend to add to the Gospel today?

How do we sabotage God’s good work through the Gospel when we, intentionally or not, tell people or live in a way that makes them think they need Jesus PLUS something else?



Paul also cautions believers from relying on their past experiences or credentials to earn God’s love and forgiveness. What things does he include in his spiritual “resume”?

What are the things our culture tends to view as ways to earn God’s love and forgiveness?

How do those things keep us from understanding the Gospel instead of drawing us closer to God?

Paul communicates that all the things on our “resume” are actually about as valuable as garbage. How does this striking image help us remember we don’t need to earn our worthiness to God?



In Philippians 3:13, what are the things Paul says he does?

What do we know about Paul from his past that might bring up shame or regret that Paul would need to forget?

What are the things you may need God’s help to forget to move forward in your faith, and how can your group pray for you in that area?

Throughout this series, we’ve talked about being transformed into a new identity in Christ “at the top of the ladder.” What do you most need to remember about who you are because of the Gospel to move forward in grace and to grow in your faith?



Today we discussed how we might sabotage the work of the Gospel by adding things to it, relying on our spiritual resume or dwelling on our past. Which part of the conversation was most challenging to you, and what is your next step in that area?