Mar 11/12 The Gospel and Family
Mar 11/12 The Gospel and Family

Mar 11/12 The Gospel & Family

Mar 11/12 The Gospel and Family



EASTER will be here before we know it! We expect to welcome many new and returning people to our campuses for Easter services. Consider how your group can serve together at one of the Easter services. Find Easter details at


This March, we are focusing on the group value of BIBLICAL TRUTH. Conversations around the Bible are at the core of small groups. The mission of small groups at Ada Bible Church is to make disciples in relational environments. As a leader, reflect on the role of God’s words in your group and whether there are any changes you need to make to how your group functions.


Have you sat down with your staff contact for a 1-on-1 lately? The Small Groups staff are here to support you as a leader and encourage you in your walk with God. Connect with your staff contact to grab coffee or lunch in March.


Welcome to week five of our series called GOSPEL CHANGE. We’ll talk about how the gospel changes our family relationships.

Share what one of your favorite activities was as a child.

Have someone read Ephesians 5:21-33 and 6:1-4. What is surprising or new to you in these verses?



Paul’s instruction in Ephesians 5:21 encompasses all the relationships he will mention in the following verses. Why would that have been shocking in Roman culture?

Paul teaches husbands to love their wives and wives to respect their husbands because of what Christ has done for them. In what ways did Jesus model this way of “you-first” living?

What does it look like for a husband to love his wife and for a wife to respect her husband?

How can our group be a place where we encourage love and respect in our relationships?



The command to honor our parents is such a big deal to God that he includes it in the Ten Commandments given to the Israelites fresh out of Egypt. Why can it be a struggle to honor our parents throughout our lives?

In what ways does the Gospel change our relationship with our parents when we realize we are already infinitely loved, treasured and secure?

How might seeing your parents as deeply flawed AND deeply loved by God change how you respond to or interact with them?

How can you honor your parents this week, whether they are still alive or have passed away?



Paul instructs fathers not to exasperate or anger their children. How can parents and other adults who care for children do this?

How might parenting from a place of fear cause us to exasperate or anger our children?

Paul urges parents to bring up their children in the training and instruction of the Lord. What are some practical ways we can do this today?

How could a parent point adult children to God even after they’ve left the house?

Each child is unique and receives love and instruction in different ways. It can be a challenge to maintain consistent family standards but also love and interact with each child in a way they will respond best. If you have or work with children, how can you be consistent with your standards yet do so in ways lovingly considering their unique personalities?

We’ve read about instructions for wives, husbands, children and parents. How can we support healthy marriages and parent/child relationships in the people around us in how we talk about those relationships?



Today we discussed how the Gospel changes the relationships between husbands and wives AND parents and children. Which family relationship do you need to invite God to shape through the Gospel this week, and how can our group pray for you in this?