Make Your Mark

Make Your Mark

Make Your Mark – Brad Gray

Your decisions matter. You’ve been created to live a great story and leave a dent in this universe.

Wrestling with our calling in life is a fundamental struggle for just about everyone. Who are we supposed to be? How are we supposed to live? What are we supposed to do? These are all questions many of us grapple with.

Surprisingly, the Samson narrative is one of the most instructive stories for helping us answer these questions. Often touted as a story about muscles, testosterone, and seduction, there is so much more to this ancient account. Employing all the best tools for interpreting the Bible today, Brad Gray unpacks the Samson story anew, giving us fresh insights into the universal callings of those desiring to live out God’s fullest design for life. Perfect for personal and small group study, MAKE YOUR MARK will reignite your sense of purpose and stretch your faith so you can find the next step on the journey towards your calling.

With passion, humor, and skill, Brad shows us how we can get right what Samson got wrong in order to flourish in our humanity, to make the most of the lives we’ve been given, and to leave a positive mark on our world.

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