June 6/7 A Conversation About Our City

June 6/7 A Conversation About Our City

June 6/7 A Conversation About Our City



Ada Bible Home Edition is an opportunity to invite friends, family and neighbors to your house to watch the weekend service together. As a group, talk about who from your group might be interested in opening their home. Maybe this is the time to invite those who might never step foot inside a church. Find more details at adabible.org/homeedition.


As we can gather socially in larger numbers now, consider serving as a group. Service is one of the key values of our small groups. Have a conversation about serving as a group and have someone be the serving champion to work on making it happen.


This weekend, we discussed the events going on throughout our world and city concerning racial injustice. If you feel like you need to talk to someone to help you prepare for the discussion, please reach out to your staff contact, and we would be happy to discuss it with you.


Pray. Pray for your group before the discussion. Pray that you can have a wise and discerning conversation. As a group, pray that hearts would be open to what God has for you, and people fill their conversations with grace toward each other.

Be Honest. Acknowledge the complex feelings around this topic. Give your group members permission to have different feelings and be at different places on the journey.

Establish Ground Rules. Ask your group to be gentle and kind to each other. Remind them to give each other grace and to listen well. Help them see that not everyone will have the same thoughts or feelings. It’s also ok if someone doesn’t want to share. Remind them that everyone’s voice matters so no one can dominate the conversation.

Not an Expert. Don’t feel like you need to be an expert. Your top priorities are listening with empathy and facilitating the conversation.

Offer to Talk Privately. Give your group members permission to reach out to you privately. Let them know if they aren’t happy with how things went or something someone said you’re available. Or, if they want to talk about something more.


Senior Pastor Jeff Manion paused our current series to lead us in A Conversation About Our City. He gave us three commitments to help cultivate God’s heart toward people created in his image.

What was the racial makeup of the environment you grew up in as a kid?

Read John 4:1-26 aloud.



What happened with the Jews and Samaritans? Why do you think the author makes it clear this is a conversation between a Jew and a Samaritan?

Pastor Jeff Manion encouraged us to say, “That happened.” How does honestly acknowledging the past help us understand what is going on now?



Jesus was tired and could’ve just leaned back and not engaged. Instead, he leaned in. What are some excuses we use to lean back and dismiss people’s experiences or not engage the discussion on racism?

Often, we can’t see it. The killing of George Floyd caused many to say, “Can you see it now?” How can we lean in to gain a better perspective on the experience of Black Americans?



Read Luke 10:25-37 aloud. Knowing what you do about Jews and Samaritans, do you feel like we see Jesus’ statement being as radical as it was?

As a group, brainstorm some ways to love well when it comes to racism and justice.



This week we discussed the personal heart journey we can’t let ourselves get stuck on concerning racial justice. What’s one way you want to more intentionally Look Back, Lean In or Love Well?


Download a printable PDF.