June 15/16 God Is Not Needy
June 15/16 God Is Not Needy

June 15/16 God Is Not Needy

June 15/16 God Is Not Needy



We have some great opportunities for you to connect at SUMMER EVENTS. Union (Young Adults), Women’s Ministry and Singles 35+ all have events coming up this month. Stay connected with our ministry happenings at Adabible.info>Info & Events.


This June, we focus on SERVING. As a group, discuss opportunities to serve together, whether in children’s ministry, for someone in the community or with a local organization. Consider asking one person to champion a serving day for everyone in the group.


Ready to grow as a leader this summer? Check out The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast for encouragement, training and conversations with other leaders. Find links to the podcast at careynieuwhof.com/mypodcast/.



Welcome to the third week of our new sermon series, GOD IS. This week, we look at how Paul describes God to a group of non-believers.



What is something you are picky about? (It could be food, a routine or something else.)



Have someone read Acts 17:24-30 aloud.

What details about God’s nature and role does this passage provide?

Notice the contrasts made between God and idols or human-made objects. What is the significance of these distinctions?

Observe any verbs or actions attributed to God in these verses. What do they reveal about his character and involvement with humanity?



Pastor Aaron Buer continued our God Is sermon series by discussing how Paul describes God to a group of people who did not know God. As a group, recall some of the sermon’s big ideas and main points.

Throughout history, religions have portrayed gods and deities as needy, demanding worship from humans. How does that view of a needy god contrast with the biblical description of the one true God?

Pastor Aaron taught that God is self-existent, self-sufficient and perfectly happy within himself (the doctrine of God’s aseity). How have you seen examples in creation or human experience that point to this aspect of God’s character?

Acts 17:26-27 reveals that God created people so we would seek him and find life in him. Has there been a time in your life when you sensed a longing to search for something greater than yourself? If so, what was that like, and how did God reveal himself to you during that season?

Human relationships involve some element of selfishness or need-fulfillment, but God’s relationship with us is entirely selfless. How does this truth challenge or encourage your understanding of God’s love and generosity?

Jesus becoming a human and dying on the cross in our place is the ultimate expression of God’s generosity. The reason God chose to go to such drastic lengths to rescue you was because he wanted you. How does this affect you and your understanding of the gospel?

The passage states that we were created to worship, and we will always worship something. What are you at risk of worshiping rather than God (whether money, status, relationships, etc.)?

What specific steps can you take this week to reorient your life to be an act of worship and live for God’s glory instead of your own glory?

Which part of the sermon encouraged or challenged you the most, and why?



Of the attributes of God discussed (self-existent, self-sufficient, generous, worthy of worship), which one resonates most strongly, and how can you respond to that truth this week?