June 12/13 Rethinking Desire
June 12/13 Rethinking Desire

June 12/13 Rethinking Desire

June 12/13 Rethinking Desire



Summer is a great time to connect with UNION and Singles 35+ Groups. UNION is a place for ages 18+ to connect to figure out what it looks like to navigate through the young adult years with a community of friends, a heart open to God and a desire to make the world a better place. Single, married, in college, working or anyone else ages 18–35—find more about UNION at linktr.ee/adaunion. Singles 35+ are people who want to share life, pursue God and invest in others. Several fun things are planned this summer, starting with Cornhole Tournament June 19. Find Singles 35+ information at adabible.org/singles.


This month we are focused on stories. Summer brings different schedules in Michigan. How can your group use the summer as an opportunity to connect in a different way? Consider getting together socially for some fun and sharing stories from your childhoods.


Have you checked out the Small Group Leader online modules recently? These modules are great resources that help equip you as a leader. Plus, there are recaps from the last two huddles! Jump back in at learning.adabible.org/small-groups.


Welcome to the second week of our June series, RE:THINK. This week, we talk about how Jesus challenges our ideas of desire and what may be in our hearts.

What was something you were just obsessed with getting when you were a kid? Did you ever get it or not?

Have someone read Matthew 5:27-30 aloud. What thoughts or emotions does this passage first bring to mind?



Jesus starts by referring to one of the Ten Commandments that his listeners would have been very familiar with. How is Jesus’s teaching here an expansion or clarification on the command, “do not commit adultery”?

Sometimes we can be good at hiding our heart condition from ourselves and others. What would you say is the condition of your heart right now?



Pastor Jeff Manion says the word “lust” that Jesus uses is an obsessive desire that is like a feeling of ongoing and nursed wanting to possess someone that doesn’t belong to us. How is this different than a passing thought we may have about someone else?

It is not unusual to have a season in a marriage where we feel lonely, invisible or unloved with our spouse. What are other things or people we turn to, and how can we guard our heart and behaviors?

Whether you are married or not, what’s the difference between romantic love and commitment? If you are married, what does commitment look like for you?



Jesus uses extreme hyperbole (exaggeration) in this passage to try to get our attention and call us to take lust seriously. What drastic measures might need to be taken to avoid or stop the kind of lust Jesus is talking about?

Are there any drastic measures you need to take and, if so, how can our group help?



This week we talked about how we must pay attention to what our heart desires because Jesus says the underneath condition of our heart matters deeply. What is something you need to do in this area, and what is one step you will take in that direction this week?


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BONUS MARRIAGE CONTENT. Marriages are so important to God. Stressful situations today have negatively impacted a lot of marriages—and that’s not God’s plan. If you find yourself struggling in your marriage, please watch our Bonus Content on Marriage Video with Pastor Jeff Manion from a previous series. Additional marriage resources are available there too.