June 1/2 God is Limitless
June 1/2 God is Limitless

June 1/2 God is Limitless

June 1/2 God is Limitless



SERVE CHILDREN. Summer is a great opportunity to serve our children in Discovery Village and serve parents while they attend services. A number of our regular volunteers are not around for the summer. This is a great time to serve as a family or small group and share God’s love with kids ages birth to 5th grade. We need door greeters, leaders, storytellers and special needs classroom helpers. You get the training, curriculum, support + community to help you do your best. Learn more at adabible.info under the SERVE tab.


This June, we focus on SERVING. As a group, discuss opportunities to serve together, whether in children’s ministry, for someone in the community or with a local organization. Consider asking one person to champion a serving day for everyone in the group.


Check out our ONLINE LEADER TRAININGS. These are incredibly valuable resources for leaders about core topics. Trainings include reading the Bible, the Gospel and having significant conversations (Rescue Academy). Find the online training platform at learning.adabible.org.



Welcome to the first week of our new sermon series, GOD IS. This week, we look at Moses’s first encounter with God and how God is limitless.



Share about a humorous time when you recognized your limits.



Have someone read Exodus 3:1-8 aloud.

What details stand out to you in this passage, and why?

What emotions do you think Moses experienced during this encounter?

What does this passage reveal about who God is?



Pastor Aaron Buer began our God Is sermon series by discussing Moses’s encounter with God. As a group, recall some of the sermon’s big ideas and main points.

The Bible describes God as both transcendent (completely separate from creation) and immanent (intimately involved in creation). How have you experienced or seen examples of God’s transcendence and immanence?

Today, we often see people seeking limitless power, wealth and control. Why do you think this desire to be “like God” is so prevalent?

In what areas of your life do you struggle with being limited and try to rival God?

How might submitting these struggles to God and trusting him bring greater peace and fulfillment?

Reflect on the quote from A.W. Tozer: “What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.” How has your perception of God shaped your thoughts, attitudes and actions?

Pastor Aaron Buer taught that we can reflect God and be holy, loving, just, good, merciful, gracious, long-suffering, wise, faithful, righteous and truthful through power of the Holy Spirit. Which of these traits do you need God’s help to develop in your life?

How can we help each other grow in these attributes through God’s power?

Where do you need to follow Jesus’s example and serve in your various roles and relationships this week?

Which part of the sermon encouraged or challenged you the most, and why?



Which of the attributes of God discussed today resonates most with you and why?