June 1/2 Christ & the Crescent

June 1/2 Christ & the Crescent

Welcome to the second week of our series, What’s the Difference. This week, we discuss the important differences between Christianity and Islam.


Building healthy and life-giving relationships.


What has been new or challenging in your life since last time the group met? Spend 20–30 minutes checking in with each other.

Share Part of Your Story

How have you interacted with Islam or Muslims?


This is our first conversation in June and it is a good time to talk summer expectations. Have a discussion about what your group wants to do this summer. What’s a good rhythm for meeting? What about having a party?


Taking next steps toward Christ together.


What are some reasons it is worthwhile for us to examine other religions and compare them to Christianity? How could learning about other religions help us better interact with those around us of different faiths?

Where in our culture do you see Islamic influences?

New Testament

In your own words, summarize what John Dickson said Islam teaches about the New Testament? How big of a deal do you think this is?

What are some of the reasons we can trust the New Testament?

Jesus and the Cross

John said most Muslims don’t believe Jesus died on the cross. What do they think happened?

How can we be confident Jesus died on the cross? Read Philippians 2:6-8. Why does Jesus’ death on the cross matter so much?

Jesus as God

John said Muslims don’t think Jesus was God. What do they think he was? Why do they adamantly claim he wasn’t God?

What did Jesus say about being God? If he wasn’t telling the truth, would he still be a good person?

What’s the importance of Jesus-being-God for Christians? How does it make you feel to know that God became a person and lived on earth to rescue you?

Love Your Enemy

Read Luke 6:27-36. Jesus taught a new way of life. According to John, how do Muslims feel about Jesus’ command to love your enemies? What makes it so hard for them?

How is what Jesus did for us on the cross and loving our enemy connected? Where do you find yourself struggling to love your enemies? What are some ways we can remind ourselves to do this?

God’s Favor

How did John say Muslims find God’s favor? How does knowing this help you understand Islam better?

Christianity is different. Read Romans 3:22-25. What did God do to offer us his favor? Do you feel like God favors you?

Jesus died for our sins. How is this nonsensical in Islam? Why is it so important in Christianity?

This week our conversation looked at some distinct differences between the beliefs of Islam and Christianity. Where were you encouraged the most?  Where were you challenged to think or act differently?


Valuing people outside the group and outside the faith.

Discuss how you and your group can better engage the people in your life outside your small group.


Is there anyone in your life who is interested in learning more about Christianity or world religions?  How could you invite them to join you at church during this series?  What would it look like for you to extend an invitation to come join your group and experience a safe place to explore these topics?

Download a printable PDF here.