July 9/10 Why Do You Worry?
July 9/10 Why Do You Worry?

July 9/10 Why Do You Worry?

July 9/10 Why Do You Worry?



Giving Tables starts this weekend, and this time we’re collecting school supplies for students at our Kids Hope partner schools. Every new pencil, notebook and other supplies help students start the year off right. You can help when you buy from a shopping list for your campus and bring the supplies in to drop off at our Giving Tables. Lists and drop-off info at adabible.org/givingtables.


This month we look at the group value of Care. Caring for each other is one way the church differs from the world. Have a conversation with your group about what you think it means to care for each other well and what you might need from each other this summer.


Our staff loves meeting with you! When was the last time you had a chance to be encouraged and supported by your staff contact? Give them a call, text or email this week to set up a One-on-One coffee meeting.


This is Week 6 of our new series, 10 QUESTIONS JESUS ASKED. This week, Jesus asks, “Why do you worry?”

What is your favorite flower, and why?

Have someone read Matthew 6:25-34. What are some of the word pictures used in this passage, and what emotions do they stir up for you?



In his Sermon on the Mount, Jesus doesn’t condemn the people for their worry but instead teaches them how to change their thinking. What are the things that Jesus says his listeners are worried about?

Jesus uses an illustration about the birds to help people understand they don’t need to worry. What does he say the birds don’t do?

If Jesus were telling the story today, what are some things he might say instead?

What are some common things that people worry about today?

Our value isn’t based on what we accomplish, how people think about us or what we have. Our value comes from God. How could it be helpful to remember where our value comes from when we begin to worry?



Jesus then tells a story about flowers. What does Jesus tell the people not to worry about when he uses the example of flowers?

Clothes were a big deal in the first century. What might be some of the modern-day equivalents to that in our world?

Jesus uses the phrase “you of little faith.” What do you think he means by that?

Pastor Aaron Buer said one of the most powerful ways to avoid worry is to remember. How might remembering what God has done in the past help us avoid worry today?

What’s something God has done in the past that you want to remember?



Have someone reread Matthew 6:31-32. The pagans seemed to spend a lot of time focusing on their food and clothing. What are some things that we chase after today?

How does focusing on those things demonstrate our desire to control what’s going on?

What could it look like to actively practice letting go of control and choosing to trust God with the worries of life?

Jesus finishes this teaching by reminding us what we should focus on—the Kingdom of God. What might be some things that characterize a flourishing life in the kingdom?



Today we talked about a question Jesus asked during his Sermon on the Mount. What part of the sermon or our conversation has been most impactful to you? Is there anything you need to do this week as a result?