July 30/31 Why Do You Call Me Good?
July 30/31 Why Do You Call Me Good?

July 30/31 Why Do You Call Me Good

July 30/31 Why Do You Call Me Good?



Baptism is an outward sign of our inward decision to follow Jesus. Have a conversation with your group about their experience and understanding of baptism. There are opportunities to be baptized coming up. For more information, visit adabible.org/baptism.


This month we look at the group value of Care. The way we care for each other can show the world what Jesus is like. Have a conversation with your group about how you can care for each other in ways that reflect Jesus.


Did you know we’ve partnered with Grand Rapids Theological Seminary to help our leaders grow? The Leadership Development Program is an opportunity for you to interact with other Ada Bible Church leaders while learning more about God, the Bible and how to lead. For more information, log in and read more at https://my.adabible.org/default.aspx?page=4838.


This is Week 9 of our series, 10 QUESTIONS JESUS ASKED. This week, Jesus has a conversation with a rich young man and asks him, “Why Do You Call Me Good?”.

Share about a good deed someone did for you that was memorable or impacted your life.

Have someone read Luke 18:18-30 aloud. What words or phrases stand out to you in this passage?



What is the question the young man asks Jesus in Luke 18:18, and what do you think he’s really trying to know?

Jesus responds with a list of commandments the man has kept since his youth. How might he be feeling about himself at that moment?

What things do people do today to try to be good enough for God?

Why do you think we can easily fall back into thinking we have to be good enough for God to love us?

Have someone read Luke 18:19. What does Jesus say about our efforts to be good enough for God?



Have someone read Mark 10:21. What detail does Mark record about Jesus’s response?

How does the detail Mark records help you trust Jesus when he challenges you to set something aside so you can follow him?

What instructions does Jesus give the young man in Luke 18:22, and why was it so hard for him?

The young man walks away from Jesus very sad. Jesus asked him to leave behind something that was important to him. What emotions might people experience when Jesus reveals that they need to walk away from something they love or find value in?

Jesus digs deeper and goes after what hinders man’s relationship with God. What are the things we try to find our value and worth in today instead of God?



The disciples wonder who can enter heaven if this young man, who appears to have it all together and be right with God, can’t. What hope does Jesus offer in Luke 18:27?

The disciples comment that they’ve left a lot to follow him. What things have you left behind to follow Jesus?

What promise does Jesus give in Luke 18:29-30, and how have you experienced this in your life as you put your trust in Jesus?



Today we talked about how we can never be good enough on our own, how Jesus will challenge us to transfer our trust from other things to him and that we cannot do this without God’s help. What step is Jesus calling you to take to trust him more fully?