July 3/4 Poor & Mourning
July 3/4 Poor & Mourning

Poor & Mourning

July 3/4 Poor & Mourning



There are lots of things going on around Ada Bible this year. Make sure to stay up-to-date on events and opportunities for children, students, young adults and singles at adabible.info under the Stay Engaged tab.


This month we are focused on group growth. Summer is a great time to invite someone to your group via a less formal gathering such as a meal or campfire. Think about who your group knows that might need what your group has.


Small group leaders are a huge part of making small groups a place where people take their next steps with Jesus. Our small group staff has found that one great way that we grow as leaders is through the Global Leadership Summit. We’d invite you to join us this year, August 5–6 at Cornerstone University. Access a wealth of leadership insight from a world-class faculty ready to equip and inspire you. Sign up by July 14 at adabible.org/gls and use code GLS21ORG to receive your ticket for only $119.


Welcome to the first week of our July series, Backward Blessing. This series looks at what Jesus says about who can really experience God’s favor.

What did you do for the 4th of July?

Have someone read Matthew 5:1-4 aloud. What jumps out to you about what Jesus said?

Jesus’s list of what the blessed life looks like is so backward from ours. What does a blessed life look like according to our culture?



What do you think it means to be “poor in spirit”?

Sometimes we can think our relationship with God depends on what we do. How does that go against what Jesus says?



What makes us qualified for the kingdom of God is understanding how unqualified we are. How is the realization that we are unqualified the beginning of the blessed life?

This beatitude is in the present tense, while the rest are in the future tense. What do you think is the significance of the way Jesus said it?

Pastor Aaron Buer said one of the keys to life in the kingdom is “I bring nothing. Jesus brings everything.” Why is this idea so central to Jesus’s message of the blessed life?



We mourn the effects of sin on our world. What are some of the ways sin has broken our world that you find yourselves mourning? Consider taking a moment and lamenting to God and thanking God for walking with you all in your grief.

Jesus describes a person who understands they are poor in spirit and grieves over their sin. How have you experienced this?

One of the reasons we grieve our sins is because of the cost Jesus paid to forgive us. Why should it grieve us to know Jesus died on the cross because of what we’ve done?

How is saying “I’m sorry” to God a significant step in our relationship with God?



Pastor Aaron Buer gave a list of ways we’ve been comforted. What were some of the things he said?

Jesus’s forgiveness helps us move from mourning to comfort. How have you experienced this comfort?



This week we discussed how Jesus’s definition of being blessed is different than the world’s. What’s one thing we talked about today that you want to focus on this week?

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