July 23/24 What is the Kingdom of God Like?
July 23/24 What is the Kingdom of God Like?

July 23/24 What is God's Kingdom Like?

July 23/24 What is the Kingdom of God Like?



Baptism is a step of obedience to God when we identify publicly as followers of Jesus. Have a conversation with your group about their experience and understanding of baptism. There are opportunities to be baptized coming up. For more information, visit adabible.org/baptism.


This month we look at the group value of Care. Part of the reason the early church grew is because of how they cared for each other. How your group cares for each other shows God’s love to the world. Talk about how caring for each other makes Jesus look better.


Did you know we’ve partnered with Grand Rapids Theological Seminary to help our leaders grow? The Leadership Development Program is an opportunity for you to interact with other Ada Bible Church leaders while learning more about God, the Bible and how to lead. For more information, log in and read more at https://my.adabible.org/default.aspx?page=4838.


This is Week 8 of our series, 10 QUESTIONS JESUS ASKED. This week, Jesus tells three stories as he asks, “What is the Kingdom of God Like?”—a question pertinent to us today.

What’s something fun you still want to do this summer?

Have someone read Mark 4:1-34 aloud. What stood out to you from the passage?



Pastor Aaron Buer reminded us of how often Jesus talked about the Kingdom of God. What did he say was a simple definition of what the Kingdom of God is?

God wants to grow the fruits of the Spirit in us. What kind of differences would it make in our lives if we were growing in these characteristics?

Jesus’s first story about life in the Kingdom of God is about different types of soils. Looking back at the passage, what soils does Jesus talk about, and what do they represent?

One of the soils chokes out the growth. What things can choke out God’s instructions in our life?

Pastor Buer encouraged us to “listen, respond and tell” to cultivate fertile soil this week. What is one simple thing you can do in your daily life to practice this?



How does the second story help us see what Jesus’s followers are to do in God’s kingdom?

When you think about “scattering seed,” what are some ways we can do this today?

How does it help to know that God is the one to bring the growth?

Have there been times when you didn’t see God working, only to learn later God was, in fact, working?



What does it seem is the point of Jesus’s third story about life in the Kingdom of God?

How does this story help us see the ways we can live into the work of God’s kingdom in the world today?

Who in your life can you offer “shade” to this week?



Today we talked about the Kingdom of God and what it is. How does today’s conversation help us understand the kingdom of God and our role in it?