July 17/18 | Merciful and Pure
July 17/18 | Merciful and Pure

July 17/18 Merciful & Pure

July 17/18 | Merciful and Pure



Help bless area organizations and schools through Giving Tables due July 25. Find the list of needed items and drop-off information at adabible.org/givingtables.


This month we are focused on group growth. Pray together and ask God to open your hearts to adding to your group. Have everyone think about who they know that would benefit from the community your small group offers. Come up with a fun get-together to invite them to.


We want to know about your group and how to best encourage and equip you as small group leaders! One of the best ways we do that is through our small group survey. Your responses help us build future modules and plan our small group leader huddles. Please help us stay up-to-date on your group by taking 3-5 minutes to fill out this survey about your group.


Welcome to the third week of our July series, Backward Blessing. This week, we will discuss how offering mercy and pursuing a pure heart are parts of the blessed life.

What is something you wish you could do over that you missed out on?

Have someone read all of Matthew 5:1-12 aloud. What stands out about verses 7-8 to you? How do they fit into the passage?



There seems to be a relationship between receiving mercy and giving mercy. Why do you think Jesus brings attention to the importance of mercy or “compassion in action”?

The story of the Good Samaritan showing mercy is also a story about someone allowing themselves (even going out of their way) to be interrupted and inconvenienced. Why do you think being interrupted or inconvenienced is so hard for us today?

Have one or two people share about a time when someone went out of their way to help them.



Read Matthew 18:21-35 aloud. Another aspect of mercy is the legal picture of canceling a debt. Why do you think Jesus tells this story?

We are reminded of our own debt that God canceled, and it should motivate us to show mercy like Jesus showed mercy toward us. Is there someone you are struggling to show mercy to?

How can your group be praying for that situation?



Pastor Aaron Buer reminded us that in Christ, we are already pure! How can we be both pure already through Christ but also need to keep pursuing purity?

What are some practical habits that you use or know others use to help guard our hearts?

Have someone read Psalm 24:3-4 aloud. What are some examples of idols and false gods in our culture?

The people of God often found themselves worshiping both God and a bunch of other idols. It’s Jesus and ________ for security, value or worth. What are one or two words you would put in the blank based on the places you go for security, value or worth?



We talked today about what mercy and purity can look like in Kingdom living. What is a practical step forward you can take this week in one of these areas of living the blessed life?


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