July 16/17 Do You Want To Leave Too?
July 16/17 Do You Want To Leave Too?

July 16/17 Do You Want To Leave Too?

July 16/17 Do You Want To Leave Too?



We have the opportunity this month to provide school supplies for kids in our area. If you haven’t grabbed a shopping list for your campus, there is still time to shop and bring the supplies to drop off at our Giving Tables. Find lists and drop-off info at adabible.org/givingtables.


This month we look at the group value of Care. We are called to care for each other as the body of Christ. Have a discussion with your group about some proper expectations for how the group should care for each other.


Our staff loves meeting with you! They want to hear what you are excited about and what challenges you face regarding your group. Give them a call, text or email this week to set up a One-on-One coffee meeting.


Welcome to Week 7 of our series, 10 QUESTIONS JESUS ASKED. This week, Jesus asks, “Do you want to leave too?”

What is something that you’ve given up on?

As a group, take turns reading through John 6:25-69. What are some things that are confusing, or what is something that stands out to you?



This story shows a large group of Jesus’s followers chasing him down and asking for another sign. What had happened the previous day that makes this a surprising request?

Pastor Aaron Buer said their request showed they wanted something else from Jesus. What did they really expect from him?

What are some things that people today expect from Jesus or hope that God will do for them?

People often sense that if they are devoted to Jesus, he should bless them. What areas are you tempted to feel like God should be doing something for you?



Have someone re-read John 6:48 aloud. Jesus makes a big claim here. What does he say?

Based on what you’ve heard before and what Pastor Aaron Buer said, what do you think Jesus means?

It isn’t that Jesus doesn’t care about our physical needs. Last week we saw that he promises to take care of us. In this passage, we see Jesus is after a bigger problem. What’s the bigger problem Jesus wants to solve for us?

What did Jesus do to rescue us from our bigger need, and what does it mean for us to accept the rescue?



It seemed difficult for some of Jesus’s disciples to understand his teachings, and many walked away. What are some reasons people walk away from Jesus today?

Jesus says some hard things. In this text, he asks if his teaching offended the disciples who were leaving. What are some of Jesus’s teachings that might be offensive today?

How can we be a voice of love and truth when we interact with someone who may be walking away from Jesus or offended by his teaching?

Jesus asks the twelve if they are going to leave too. What does Peter say, and what do you think he means?

How can Peter’s response be an example for us to follow when we are upset with the church, disillusioned with fellow Christians or find a teaching in the Bible difficult?



Today we talked about a question Jesus asked his disciples in Capernaum. What part of the sermon or our conversation has been most impactful to you? Is there anything you need to do this week as a result?