July 15/16 The Failure
July 15/16 The Failure

July 15/16 The Failure

July 15/16 The Failure



We believe in the POWER OF PRAYER. If you or someone you know needs prayer or someone to talk to, let us know at adabible.org/prayer. Want to pray for others? Sign up to receive a link each week to prayer needs at adabible.org/prayerteam.


This July, we’re focusing on FORMATIVE CONVERSATIONS. Formative Conversations in a small group can redirect, refresh and re-engage your group. This can sometimes require creativity and boldness in getting everyone to share. This week, watch for a quieter group member and encourage them by asking what they think or sharing encouragement with them later this week!


Have you had a 1-on-1 with your staff contact lately? As you look ahead to fall—it’s a great time to discuss goals, challenges and growth opportunities. Reach out to your staff contact this week to set something up.


Welcome to Week 11 in our sermon series, ENCOUNTERS WITH JESUS. This week we look at how Jesus cares for us in our faith, crisis and doubt.

What fun activities are you still hoping to do this summer?



Have someone read Mark 9:14-29 out loud.

Who are the main characters in this story, and how do they each respond to Jesus?

What is your initial reaction to Jesus’s reply in Mark 9:19?

What questions does this story or passage bring out for you?



Pastor Aaron talked about Jesus’s interaction with a demon-possessed boy and Jesus’s response to both the boy’s father and the disciples. What were the main points of the message?

Which part of the sermon most challenged or encouraged you, and why?

Relying on Jesus can sometimes be an afterthought. What are some things the world tells us to rely on instead of Jesus?

Two of the main characters in this story are the disciples and the father. Which do you resonate with more, and why?

In Mark 9:24, the father asks Jesus to help his unbelief. What situations might contribute to our wrestle with unbelief?

Part of faith is choosing Jesus amid doubt or anxiety. Has there been a time you chose to rely on Jesus in your doubt or anxiety? Share that time with the group.

Where are you most likely to operate on your strength, and how can you invite Jesus into that area?

Who in your life needs to be reminded of God’s compassion for them, and how can you share that with them this week?

Is there anything else that stood out to you in this sermon?



Today we discussed how Jesus desires to meet us in and has compassion for our anxieties and doubts. How will you live differently this week based on this discussion?

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