January 14/15 Blessing and Cursing
January 14/15 Blessing and Cursing

Jan 14/15 Blessing & Cursing

January 14/15 Blessing and Cursing



Is someone in your group looking for ways to gain confidence in sharing the hope within them when someone questions their life? Encourage your group to attend Sharing Your Faith January 28 at the Knapp Street Campus. For more information and to register, click here.


This month we’re focusing on the value of Spiritual Disciplines. Discuss as a group some goals to grow in spiritual practices this year. Beyond the Weekend is focusing on a new discipline each month. Share with your group your Bible Reading goals for the year


Typically, we offer a small group leader huddle in the winter, but we have something even better for you this winter. We encourage small group leaders to attend Navigating LGBTQ+ with Grace and Truth on February 9. Learn from Guest Speaker Preston Sprinkle how you can engage in these conversations and respond with theological faithfulness and courageous love. Find out more and register here.


Welcome to week two of our series called THE QUESTIONABLE LIFE. This week, we talk about being people of blessing.

Lifeline went to Snow Camp January 6-8. What’s a favorite camp or snow memory from middle or high school?

Have someone read 1 Peter 3:9 and 15 out loud. What words jump out to you?



What does 1 Peter 3:9 say Christians are called to?

What do you think “called to” means?

What did Pastor Jeff Manion say it meant to bless and to curse?

What makes it so difficult to be nice to someone who is mean to us?

We don’t often call out formal curses on people today. What are some ways we curse people in our culture?



Have someone read 1 Peter 3:18 aloud. What do we learn about Jesus?

Have someone read Luke 6:35-36 aloud. What does Jesus tell us about God?

A questionable life isn’t just slightly different. It’s extremely different. How is God’s goodness and kindness to us extreme?

How does understanding the extreme nature of God’s goodness and kindness for us motivate us to treat others differently?



Have someone read 1 Peter 3:15 aloud. How do Peter’s instructions in 1 Peter 3:9 relate to this verse?

Peter is writing to a group of Jesus-followers who are experiencing trouble. How does their context help us understand the significance of what Peter instructs?

Rarely does someone ask a question about our faith from just normal kindness. It takes abnormal kindness. What are some ways we can show abnormal kindness in our world?

Pastor Jeff Manion gave two simple tips for showing kindness to those who have hurt us. Ask a spiritual advisor for guidance and invite God into the process. How would those two tips be helpful in doing that?

Is there a relationship your group can be praying about for you to be able to show goodness and kindness instead of repaying insult-for-insult?



Today we discussed living a life that is extremely different from those around us—a life reflecting God’s goodness and kindness. How did today’s discussion challenge you, and what does that mean for you going forward?