January 13/14 Faith and Trials
January 13/14 Faith and Trials

January 13/14 Faith and Trials

January 13/14 Faith and Trials



Join us for a special BEYOND THE WEEKEND PODCAST just for this sermon series. Senior Pastor Aaron Buer joins other Ada Bible staff for a casual conversation to dig deeper, review things that didn’t make it into the sermon and answer your questions. They’ll discuss helpful insights and how the teachings are impacting their faith and can impact yours too. Listen to the podcast HERE. You can also submit your questions about the sermon or the book of James HERE. Your question could be featured on the podcast!


This January, we are focusing on RELATIONAL INVESTMENTS. Share about who you are praying will come to know Jesus in 2024. What opportunities has God provided you to be intentional in your conversation? Keep praying for each person and for God to grow your heart for the gospel.


Want to grow as a leader? Looking to take a next step in your faith? The ONLINE LEADER TRAININGS are a great place to grow. Check out the opportunities at learning.adabible.org.


Welcome to the first week of our series MAKE IT REAL. This week, we look at James’s practical teaching for living out our faith in Jesus during trials.

What is your favorite childhood snow day memory?



Have someone read James 1:1-8 out loud.

What stands out to you in this passage?

What response does the author encourage these believers to have during times of testing and trial, and how might they have felt hearing this?

What principles, based on these verses, should guide a believer when seeking wisdom from God?



Pastor Aaron Buer taught about how we can think about hardships and live out our faith in them. As a group, recall some of the sermon’s big ideas or main points.

In what ways have you seen people struggle when they face trials or hardship?

Pastor Aaron emphasized that trials are normal and to be expected as followers of Jesus. Why do you think it’s important to have this expectation going into difficulties?

Do you lean toward seeing trials as opportunities for growth or just painful experiences to get through? Why do you think you lean in that direction?

What hardships in your life have shown you how to persevere and helped you grow to be more like Jesus?

Do you need to invite God to grow your character in hardship? In what ways?

What truths about God—who he is and what he has done—do you need to remember to help you trust him more during trials?

What’s something you need right now, in the midst of difficulty, that you can ask God for? Share with the group as you are comfortable and commit to praying for each other this week.

Which part of the sermon encouraged or challenged you the most, and why?



Today, we discussed what it looks like to live out our faith during hardship. What is one thing you can do this week to apply truths from this message?

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