Jan 9/10 Here and Now
Jan 9/10 Here and Now

Jan 9/10 Here and Now

Jan 9/10 Here and Now



Some of Jesus’ biggest teachings are on contentment and generosity. He talks about it so much because he knows relationships, businesses and marriages can crash when people don’t get money right. Along with this series, many groups will be going through Financial Peace University (FPU). For more information or to register your group for FPU, visit adabible.org/fpu.


This month we are highlighting the Spiritual Practice of Chair Time, our time alone with God. Beyond the Weekend, Ada Bible’s Chair Time resource, is a great tool to guide your Chair Time. New to Beyond the Weekend is a daily reading for going through the New Testament in a year. Consider doing this as a group together. Sign up or read online at beyondtheweekend.org.


Planning on leading your group through Financial Peace University? Check out these leader resources.


Welcome to The School of Contentment. Pastor Jeff Manion kicked off our new winter series this past weekend. This week we discuss nine of the most disruptive words in the Bible.

What are you looking forward to this year?

Read Philippians 4:10-13 aloud. What are some of the key ideas or repeated words?


A circumstantial contentment says when my situation improves, my attitude will improve. Why do you think it is normal for us to think we will be content when things change?

IT is what we want and what we desire. We often think IT will make us content. What is your IT that you think will make you content?

The goal of contentment is to be alive to the people around us and alive to God here and now in a way that allows us to enjoy imperfect people and imperfect places regardless of the circumstances. When you think about that, how does it make you feel?


Just like we learn to play the piano or speak another language, contentment is a learned skill. Twice Paul says he learned to be content. Why do you think he says it this way?

Learning to be content means enrolling in “The School of Contentment” more than once. What’s going on right now in your life that would make focusing on contentment timely?


Philippians 4:13 is often misquoted in our culture. What are some of the wrong ways the verse is used, and what’s the right meaning?

Just trying to be content on our own won’t lead to lasting contentment. We can’t do it alone. Paul said his contentment came through God’s strength. How can the power and presence of Christ give you the strength to bring your best when the situation around you might be all levels of crazy?


This week we talked about contentment. What’s one step you can take this next week to enroll in “The School of Contentment?”


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