Jan 8/9 The Dream
Jan 8/9 The Dream

Jan 8/9 The Dream

Jan 8/9 The Dream



Beyond the Weekend is encouraging the practice of Scripture Memorization in 2022. Each month there will be a different verse to memorize, with the goal being to memorize 12 key verses by the end of the year. This is a great opportunity to work on memorizing Scripture with your group. Signup for Beyond the Weekend at beyondtheweekend.org.


This month we are focusing on Spiritual Practices. Above you’ll find information about the practice of Scripture memorization. As a leader, you have the opportunity to talk about your personal spiritual practices to encourage your group to consider what they could be doing.


It’s a New Year, which means it’s a great time to connect 1 on 1 with your staff contact. They are a wealth of information and also your biggest cheerleader. Reach out to them today to schedule something.


Welcome to the first week of Renew. Today’s discussion is about God’s pursuit of Jacob during a crisis.

What was one of your favorite things to do on a snow day as a kid?

Have someone read Genesis 28:10-22 aloud. What are some things you notice about this passage? Do you see any interesting words, images or anything confusing?



When God appears to Jacob, he is running for his life, lost, alone and afraid. Before this passage, what were some of the circumstances that led to Jacob’s crisis?

Jacob’s dad was Isaac, and his grandpa was Abraham. He grew up in a family that worshipped God. What was your experience of hearing about God when you grew up?

One of the themes of Jacob’s story is how Jacob makes his faith his own. Why is this so important for us all to do at some point in our lives?

Most likely, we all have something in our lives we wish we could do over. What are some ways we often try to make amends for our choices?

No matter what we’ve done, whether we’ve stolen and lied like Jacob or done something we think is worse, God is calling us into a relationship with him. Why is this sometimes hard for people to believe and trust in? Has this ever been challenging for you?



God takes the initiative here to pursue Jacob. What does that communicate about who God is and how God relates to us?

The story of Jacob isn’t just about Jacob. What would it look like to view our stories as not just about us either?

What are some of the blessings in our lives that can be for the good of others?  What areas of our lives could this perspective impact?

Have you ever experienced a season where you felt like God pursued you?

Pastor Jeff Manion mentioned in John 1:51 that Jesus refers to himself as the ladder connecting heaven and earth. How does this image help us better understand Jesus?



In the midst of Jacob’s poor choices and natural fears, God makes some bold promises to Jacob. What promises does God make in Genesis 28:13-15?

How would these promises be important to Jacob? What can these promises tell us about God?

List some of the promises God has made to us. Which has been most meaningful to you?

What does it look like for you to invite God to meet you where you are in life today?

Some of us may have heard about Jesus all our lives and know a lot about God but may not truly have known God. Others may not have heard about God until later in life. When do you feel like you made your faith your own?



This week we talked about making our faith our own. What was one thing that sticks with you this week, and how will you take action?