Jan. 7-8, 2017 Available

Look Back | Look Down
Begin your time by reviewing the Scriptures and the important points of the sermon taught in The Row.

Welcome to the first week of our new series, Making Your Mark. This series explores the lives of a handful of people mentioned at the end of Paul’s letter to the Jesus community in Colossae. This week, Pastor Jeff Manion explores the story of one of those people—Tychicus.

Tychicus was known for his willingness to serve. He was ready and available. But just being available is not enough. We need to bring our best self to our availability. Tychicus helps us see three marks of a mature Christ follower. He’s trustworthy, he’s encouraging and he’s faithful.

Spend five minutes reading Colossians 4.7-18 and Ephesians 6.21-22 aloud. Discuss what you notice in these verses. More in-depth questions will follow.

Look In | Look Around
In The Circle, consider together what God is asking you to do and encourage each other.

Tychicus is available

Tychicus was available and willing to change his plans for God. What are some of the things which often get in the way of being available to God? What are some practical steps we can take to say to God, “I’m willing to change my plans”?

Tychicus is trustworthy

If you asked Paul to describe Tychicus, he might have said, “He’s a guy I can count on.” What does it mean to be someone “you can count on”?

Tychicus was entrusted, by his church and Paul, to carry a large amount of money for a considerable distance. Have someone from the group share about a time they had to rely on a trustworthy person in their life. What are some ways you can become the kind of person people can count on?

Tychicus is encouraging

In Ephesians we read Paul sends Tychicus to the church in Ephesus not only to deliver his letter, but also to encourage the church in their faith. The same is said in Colossians. There are two elements of encouragement. First, life is challenging. Second, God can be trusted. Why are both of these elements important? Have someone share about when an encouraging word or action made a profound impact on them.

Tychicus was able to encourage the church because he knew the heart and mind of Paul. He was able to convey the message Paul proclaimed to encourage them in their faith. What does this kind of encouragement mean in a small group setting? What are some new ways you can encourage growth or spiritual movement with one another in this group?

Tychicus is faithful

Though not a household name, Tychicus is mentioned five times in the New Testament. His ministry alongside Paul stretches at least 8 years. His service is not a one-and-done type of service. Tychicus is faithful because he repeatedly does what is needed. After a decade, he’s still in the game. What, in our culture, can make it hard to faithfully serve over a long period of time?

Discuss the following statement: Faithfulness can only be measured over time.

Where do you feel challenged by the example of Tychicus? What is a step you can take to be trustworthy, an encouragement, or faithful this week?

Look Forward | Look Out
This coming week, spend time in The Chair with God and go engage the broken world around you.

In the Chair this week…

  • Memorize Galatians 6.9.
  • Tychicus’ example calls us to be trustworthy, an encouragement, and faithful. Think about how youmight continue to grow in these areas this week.
  • Thank God for being faithful and trustworthy.