January 28/29 Questionable Sexuality
January 28/29 Questionable Sexuality

Jan 28/29 Questionable Sexuality

January 28/29 Questionable Sexuality



We talked about BAPTISM this weekend. Baptism is an outward expression of an inward change that takes place in our lives after we place our faith in trust in Christ. It’s a step of obedience to God that publicly announces our decision to follow. If you or someone in your group is interested in starting a conversation about baptism, find more information at adabible.org/baptism.


For February, we’re focusing on the value of SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINES. One Spiritual Discipline to consider discussing and practicing as a group is Sabbath. What would it look like for the group to begin or strive for a regular habit of weekly rest and delight?


Preston Sprinkle’s Navigating LGBTQ+ with Grace and Truth on February 9 will help you see how you can engage in these conversations and respond with theological faithfulness and courageous love. This event isn’t only for group leaders, but we’re encouraging group leaders to attend. Consider whether others from your group would benefit from attending as well. Find out more and register here. Please feel free to reach out to your staff contact with any questions.


Welcome to week four of our series called THE QUESTIONABLE LIFE. Today, we will be talking about surrendering our sexuality to God as well as how we treat others with honor and love.

What is your favorite go-to comfort meal in the cold of winter?

Have someone read 1 Peter 2:11-17 out loud. What are a few new or interesting things that you notice about this passage?



Peter begins this section by helping his readers see they can live with counter-cultural sexuality because of two important truths: who they are and where they are. Which of these speaks most to you?

What might it mean that we are beloved ones? What could it change for us to live knowing this truth?

As citizens of Jesus’s kingdom, how do we understand our identity differently when we think of ourselves as foreigners and exiles?

What are some ways the culture attempts to shape our sexuality?

Pastor Aaron Buer said two things about same-sex attraction. (1) It is not a sin to experience the desire. (2)  Scripture is clear that any same-sex sexual expression is wrong. Do you agree or disagree with those statements? What biblical texts support your personal position?

When we talk about sexual sin, most of us find it easier to look at and focus on others’ actions. Why do you think it is easier to downplay our own sexual struggles while focusing on the sexual struggles of others?

What are some appropriate ways our group could encourage each other when it comes to Peter’s admonition to surrender our sexuality to Christ?



As someone who walked and talked with Jesus for years, Peter learned what it meant to honor and value people not because of their decisions but because God created them. What are some stories of Jesus you can think of where Jesus showed surprising love and kindness to others?

How can remembering how Jesus treated people help us learn how we should treat others, especially those we may disagree with?

Often, Christians have not only failed to love members of the LGBTQ+ community but also hurt them. Pastor Aaron challenged us to do four things concerning the LGBTQ+ community: (1) to avoid jokes, (2) to refrain from derogatory or hurtful comments, (3) to listen with empathy and grace to their stories and (4) to have respectful friendships. How might doing these things change the way others see Jesus?

Pastor Aaron encouraged us to consider these two challenges this week— friendship and language. Which of these might be more difficult for you? How can you overcome any barriers you might have?



Today we discussed our identity as beloved of God, what it might mean for all of us to surrender our sexuality to God and how we are to show honor and love to everyone we interact with. Which of these do you need to spend more time practicing this week, and how can we keep each other accountable as a group?