Jan 25/26 The Habits of Trust

Jan 25/26 The Habits of Trust

Jan 25/26 The Habits of Trust



Ada Bible is hosting The ReCourage Conference in February to serve and encourage vocational ministry leaders and non-profits in keeping a faithful heart to serving. Talk to your group about committing to pray for the conference and about whether they know someone who would be interested in attending.


This month serving as a small group is our highlighted value.  Jesus is our model for service, as he said he came not to be served, but to serve. Appoint a service champion for your group and decide what you want to do. Work to get a date on the calendar to serve together.


The Small Group Leaders Facebook Page is a great place to stay connected. Checked out the “Groups Made Simple” video series yet? Bookmark the Facebook page and regularly visit for updates.


Welcome to the third week of our winter series, Learning to Trust. This week’s conversation centers around Abram’s decision to trust God during two distinctly different conflicts.

What are your plans for the Super Bowl?

Have someone from your group read Genesis 13 aloud.  Who are the main characters in the story?  What decisions and actions are happening?

What’s the difference between trusting God in a famine versus a season of plenty? Which do you feel is the most difficult, and why?

What does Abram do in Genesis 13:4? Why do you think that is significant?



What is the challenge facing Abram and Lot? How does Abram respond?

How does Abram show he trusts God in the way he treats Lot?

What’s the difference between white-knuckling life and a posture of open hands? Which of those ways do you feel like you are living right now?

How does God respond to Abram’s sacrifice? What does Abram building an altar represent?

What are some of the ways we can show our trust in God through our relationships?

How can trusting God enable us to be generous relationally?

What relationship do you feel like you aren’t trusting God with? What’s one thing you can do differently to trust him with that relationship?



Have someone read Genesis 14 aloud. What are the major parts of the story?

How much wealth do you think Abram refuses to take? Why doesn’t he take it?

How are we challenged to not forget God by Abram’s interactions with the two kings?

Why do you think it can be easy to forget God when things are going well?

What are some ways to trust God in a season of abundance?

Do you feel like you are in a desert or a season of abundance? How can you remind yourself to trust him in your current season?



This week we discussed Abram’s trust in God amid two challenges. What resonated with you the most? What’s something you want to do differently this week?

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