January 21/22 Losing Well, Winning the World
January 21/22 Losing Well, Winning the World

Jan 21/22 Losing Well, Winning the World

January 21/22 Losing Well, Winning the World



Is someone in your group looking for ways to gain confidence in sharing the hope within them when someone questions their life? Encourage your group to attend Sharing Your Faith January 28 at the Knapp Street Campus. For more information and to register, click here.


This month we’re focusing on the value of Spiritual Disciplines. Consider whether there are ways to incorporate a regular conversation about spiritual disciplines during your group discussion. Beyond the Weekend is focusing on a different spiritual discipline each month. Perhaps a commitment to discuss the new discipline each month would be a good place to start.


Preston Sprinkle’s Navigating LGBTQ+ with Grace and Truth on February 9 will help you see how you can engage in these conversations and respond with theological faithfulness and courageous love. This event isn’t only for group leaders, but we’re encouraging group leaders to attend. Consider whether others from your group would benefit from attending as well. Find out more and register here. Please feel free to reach out to your staff contact with any questions.


Welcome to week three of our series called THE QUESTIONABLE LIFE. We’ll talk about cheerfully entering the fray and cheerfully losing.

What have you been doing with the unusually mild January weather?

Have someone read 1 Peter 3:8-17 out loud. This is our third week centered on parts of this passage. What resonated with you from hearing it this time?



Guest Speaker John Dickson mentioned that Christians can feel like they are losing in the world today. This often leads to one of two responses: (1) running away to hide or (2) lashing out. How have you seen these responses by Christians?

Which response are you more likely to do?

What general principle does Peter give in 1 Peter 3:13?

How have you seen the general principle ring true in your life?

John said when we’re mistreated or insulted as Christians, our first thought shouldn’t be, “Am I being persecuted?” Instead, it should be, “Am I doing good, or am I being a jerk?” Why do you think John said this should be our first thought?

Peter is also realistic. He knows there will be persecution. What does Peter write in 1 Peter 3:14?

How has a fear of others kept you from doing what is right or talking about Jesus with others?

Instead of fearing others, Peter says to revere Christ as Lord. What do you think that means?

How would revering Christ as Lord help you be prepared to talk about Jesus?



Read through the passage of 1 Peter 3:8-17 again. Jot down all the words that have to do with the way Christians are to treat people. What stands out to you?

How does revering Christ as Lord allow us to have the humility to lose well versus the insecurity of feeling like we need to defend God?

John said Christians are the people of death and resurrection. God can take painful losses and raise them up into great wins. What do you think he meant by that?

How is it helpful to remember that the life Jesus offers is only available because of the death he suffered on the cross?

Are there any painful losses you’ve experienced that God has raised up into great wins?



Today we discussed having the cheerful confidence to enter the fray and the cheerful humility to accept a loss. Where did you feel challenged in the conversation, and what might you do about that?