Jan 18/19 The Gap

Jan 18/19 The Gap

Jan 18/19 The Gap



If you attend the Kentwood or Knapp Street Campuses, discuss the upcoming satellites with your group. What do they think about them? Will someone from your group be going? What about your whole group attending and serving there together? For more information about the Kentwood Campus Satellite, click here. For more information about the Knapp Street Campus Satellite, click here.

If you attend the Cascade or East Paris Campuses, consider talking about attending services and even serving somewhere at church together.


This month we want to focus on serving others. Has your group served together yet? Discuss ways that you could do this as a group. Have someone from your group champion this and make it happen!  Don’t forget to take a pic and share with us all the fun you had as God met you while you served on our Group Life Facebook page!


We care about our small group leaders a ton! In fact, we want to meet with you one-on-one throughout the year to get to know you, hear all about your group, and be a resource. Have you met with your director or pastor in a while? We love to hear from you, so reach out today! If you aren’t sure who to contact, email us at smallgroups@adabible.org so we can get you connected.


Welcome to the second week of our new series, Learning to Trust. This week’s conversation centers around Abram’s journey as he finds himself facing a difficult situation and trusts himself instead of God.

Have you ever made a poor decision, but learned a mighty lesson?  What did you learn?

Have someone from your group read Genesis 12:10-20 aloud.  Who are the main characters in the story?  Summarize what happened in your own words.



How do you think Abram feels after following God’s instructions to leave a land of plenty only to find himself facing a famine?

What kinds of famines or dry times might we encounter today?

What types of things might our culture turn to in times of difficulty or famine?  Where do you tend to turn?

How can a famine act as a spiritual growth opportunity? How do you feel like you’ve grown as a result of a time of famine in your life?



What “default mode” does Abram turn to when faced with a difficult situation? How does his decision affect him and those around him?

What default modes might we be tempted to turn to instead of God?

What is your default mode, and how can you turn to God instead when you feel temptation creeping in?



Pastor Jeff Manion mentions a key element is missing from this story. What does Abram not do?

Even though Abram messes up, God isn’t finished with him. He still extends him mercy. In what ways do we see God’s mercy to Abram in this story?

How is God’s mercy to Abram so undeserved? How does this show us a glimpse into his saving mercy for us? (see Titus 3:5)

How have you experienced God’s mercy during a time when you weren’t trusting him?



Abram’s time in Egypt was a little gap in his spiritual journey. What life circumstances do you think could cause people to drift into a spiritual gap today?

Have you ever experienced a gap in your walk with God? What was that like? What brought you back?

How can we guard ourselves against drifting into a spiritual gap and depend on God instead?

Read Genesis 13:1-2 aloud. We see a chance for Abram to begin again. He goes back to Bethel and calls on the name of the Lord. How do you think Abram’s experience helps him learn to trust God?



This week we discuss Abram’s decision to trust himself instead of God. What part of Abram’s story do you most identify with? What’s one step you can take to end your spiritual gap, begin again and trust God with something instead of yourself this week?

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