Jan 12 The Call

Jan 12 The Call

Jan 12 The Call



No matter where we are in our walk of faith, we all have a next step.  Our NEXT STEPS Class discusses some of the next steps we think are important. Some groups go through the class together. To see what next steps classes are scheduled, visit adabible.org/next-steps.


Take some time over the next couple of weeks to talk as a group about how you can make time to serve together. Have a few people research organizations you care deeply about and how you can help. Then, make a plan and put it on the schedule.


Many of you have worked through our online leader training modules. It is a great chance to deepen your knowledge as a leader. If you haven’t gone through them all yet, now is a great time to get started. Our newest module is on the Gospel, what it is and how to talk about it. Find them all online at learning.adabible.org/small-groups.


Welcome to the first week of our new series, Learning to Trust. This week we begin with Abram’s first steps of obedience after hearing from God.

When was a time you had to move that you were really excited for what was coming next?

Have someone read Genesis 12:1-9 aloud. Take a look to see what happened right before this chapter. What happens next in the story? What stands out?



It appears from the story that Abram doesn’t know God at all when he first talks to him. Abram isn’t a spiritual giant in the least. What do you think his thoughts and feelings about this voice telling him to move might have been?

God might not call us to make a geographic move this year, but he does ask us to move toward him in obedience. What are some of the things God calls us to do in obedience?

What do you feel like is one area of obedience God is calling you toward?



Read Genesis 12:1-3 aloud. God makes a personal, national and global promise to Abram. How are some of these ripple-effect promises seen throughout the rest of the story of the Bible? Did Abram live to see all the blessings God promises him?

How has someone else’s obedience to God blessed you? How can our obedience to God bless others both in the short- and long-term?

Abram never knew how his choices made such a lasting impact. How can his story help remind us of the power and influence of our actions?



What kinds of physical, relational and spiritual things do you think Abram left behind? List some things that would be difficult for you to leave behind in a big move if you had limited time or space.

What are some things that people tend to put their trust in? Why do you think it is so hard to give those things up?

When you are really being honest, what is it that you say, “In ____ I trust?” How can you trust God instead to help you move forward and leave that behind?

What are some times that you have seen the ripple effects of someone else’s choices? Think about this question in terms of good choices, poor choices or a life represented by faith. What is the story of how faith came to your family?



This week we discussed Abram leaving his country to follow a God he did not yet know.  What was something in today’s discussion that really challenged you? What’s one next step you plan to take after our conversation today?

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