February 6/7 Bags of Gold
February 6/7 Bags of Gold

Feb 6/7 Bags of Gold

February 6/7 Bags of Gold



Lifeline, our student ministry for grades 6–12, will be in person again starting February 10. Middle School meets Wednesday from 7–8:30 pm, and High School meets Sunday 6–7:30 pm. Students not wishing to meet in person yet can enjoy Lifeline Online too. Details at lifelinestudents.org under This Week>Parents>Middle School or High School.


This month we are highlighting serving as we invest in others. As Pastor Jeff has told us many times, serving helps us remember life isn’t all about us. We have opportunities for your group to serve our local community. For more information, email Sheryl Thompson.


A few times a year, we gather together as small group leaders to learn, grow and encourage one another. At Small Group Huddles—we get better together. Register here to join other leaders to discuss one skill that can make all the difference in your group. Huddles will be via Zoom February 21 at 7 pm and February 25 at 8 pm.


Welcome to the fifth week of The School of Contentment. This week, Pastor Aaron Buer walks us through Jesus’ parable about the bags of gold and how we are stewards of God’s resources.

Share a time you took care of someone else’s resources such as watching their pet, housesitting or caring for their children. What did it feel like for someone to entrust you with their most valuable people or possessions?

Have someone read Matthew 25:14-20 aloud. What actions or words stand out to you in this parable?



A parable is a story with a teaching purpose. In the parable of the bags of gold, the master represents God, and the servants represent us. What do you think Jesus’ purpose is in this parable?

Have someone read Genesis 2:15 aloud. God designed humans to take care of his creation and resources from the very beginning. How does this encourage us toward contentment and accepting that everything we have is really God’s?



The good managers took what their master gave them and “put his money to work.” What are some of the opportunities we have to invest the resources entrusted to us in the work God is doing?

The good manager not only put the master’s money to work, but he did so “at once.” What is one thing you can do this week (at once) to invest the resources God entrusts you with into what God is doing in the world?



The master returns and settles accounts with his servants. The two servants who invested well receive praise, greater responsibility and celebration. Where have you seen someone manage God’s resources well and experience those rewards?

Two servants invest and receive rewards. The third buries the gold and experiences heartbreaking consequences. How do you feel like you are doing managing the resources God has given you?

Pastor Aaron Buer says when we hesitate to be generous, often it’s not because we’re greedy but because we are afraid. We don’t trust God. We know God is trustworthy and generous when we remember Jesus’ death on the cross for us. How does Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection show God’s character and inspire you to be generous?



Today’s conversation was about the parable of the bags of gold. We saw it is our responsibility, in God’s kingdom, to stewards his resources. Which of the three points—manage, invest or account—do you need to focus on this week, and what’s one step you will take in that area?


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