February 25/26 Restoration Project
February 25/26 Restoration Project

Feb 25/26 Restoration Project

February 25/26 Restoration Project



GIVING TABLES start this weekend. This is a great opportunity for you to support local ministries as a small group. List and drop off information at adabible.org/givingtables.


This week Beyond the Weekend introduces the SPIRITUAL PRACTICE for March—fasting. Fasting is abstaining from something for a duration of time to turn our hearts to God. It might be abstaining from social media, radio/TV, video games or food (one food, a meal or maybe longer). Discuss what fasting might look like for each of you and commit to a fast of some kind for a period of time. Check out Beyond the Weekend this month for some practical tips on fasting.


RECOURAGE is this Thursday! Hear from Pastor Jeff Manion and other speakers about strengthening your heart for ministry leadership. March 2 from 9am–3:30pm. Register at adabible.org/recourage.


Welcome to the third week of our series called GOSPEL CHANGE. We’ll talk about some results of Gospel Change that Paul teaches in the book of Ephesians.

Have you ever restored or renovated a room, house, furniture or car? If so, tell what you did or didn’t enjoy about the process.



Have someone read Ephesians 2:8-10. If you’ve read it in the previous weeks, consider reading in a different translation. How do you understand this passage differently than you did before we started this series after reviewing it for the last three sermons?

Pastor Jeff Manion tells us that Ephesians 1-3 reminds us of who we are and God’s gift of grace to us, while Ephesians 4-6 contains the good works God has prepared us to do. Glance through the text and identify some character traits God wants us to be known for.

Sometimes it can be easy to forget the role of works in our lives. Why does it matter that Paul says we are saved FOR works rather than saved BY works, and what are the differences?

How could living by even a couple of these characteristics make a difference in our lives and for the community around us?



Read Ephesians 4:25. What stands out to you in this verse?

We have all had experiences of choosing to lie. What reasons often motivate us to lie, manipulate the truth or tell half-truths?

It is easier to be honest when we are secure in our identity in Christ. How can knowing we are “infinitely loved, treasured and secure” impact our truthfulness?

This verse looks at the individual nature of how “each of us” must speak the truth and the impact it has on our community of “one body” in Christ. As a small group, how does this influence our interactions?



Read Ephesians 4:26-29. What are all the actions we see in these verses?

Paul gives us a lot of contrasts of what to put away or stop doing AND what we do because of the work that God is doing in our lives. Why do you think he talks about both “don’t and do”?

Pick one or two of Paul’s commands in this passage and discuss why they are essential for us as believers, and also how we as a small group can encourage each other in these ways of living.



God’s mercy, grace and love should change our lives one day, one area at a time. What part of our conversation today is an area that you want to allow God’s Gospel Change to impact your life?