February 17/18 Faith and Desires
February 17/18 Faith and Desires

February 17/18 Faith and Desires

February 17/18 Faith and Desires



Join us for a special BEYOND THE WEEKEND PODCAST just for this sermon series. Senior Pastor Aaron Buer joins other Ada Bible staff for a casual conversation to dig deeper, review things that didn’t make it into the sermon and answer your questions. They’ll discuss helpful biblical insights and how the teachings are growing their faith and can grow yours too. Listen to the podcast HERE. You can also submit your questions about the sermon or the book of James HERE. Your question could be featured on the podcast!


This February, we are focusing on SPIRITUAL PRACTICES. What spiritual practice would you like to develop this year? Discuss as a group and commit to praying for each other and checking in with each other as you begin these practices.


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Welcome to the sixth week of our series, MAKE IT REAL. This week, we look at James’s teaching about faith and our desires.



What is one highlight from the past week?



Have someone read James 4:1-10 aloud.

According to James, what is the reason for fights and quarrels?

What are desires (4:1) and what role do they play in our decision-making?

James also refers to coveting (4:2). What does it mean to covet?



Pastor Aaron Buer taught that real faith keeps a healthy rein on our desires. As a group, recall some of the sermon’s big ideas or main points.

James contends that selfish desires are the primary reason for fights and quarrels. Where do you see this principle at play in the world today?

James also states that when we do not get what we want, we fight, quarrel, and even kill. What does this teach us about our sin nature?

What are common desires that we need to resist on a regular basis?

Not all desires are bad. But sometimes acceptable desires become elevated to unacceptable places in our hearts. What is an example of a good desire that causes us to do something wrong?

If desires play a central role in our decision-making, how can we pay better attention to the desires of our hearts?

Although our sinful desires need to be resisted, James notes that God longs for his spirit to dwell in us (4:5) and that “he gives us more grace” (4:6). What does this teach you about the character of God?

James outlined the role of desires and some keys to walking with God. James calls us to submit to God (4:7), resist the devil (4:7), come near to God (4:8) and repent (4:8-9). What might it look like in your life to submit, resist, come near and repent?

What is one way your life can look different this coming week in light of this sermon?

Which part of the sermon encouraged or challenged you the most, and why?



Today we talked about faith and desires. What is your biggest takeaway from our discussion today?