Feb 8/9 A New Name for God

Feb 8/9 A New Name for God

Feb 8/9 A New Name for God



We have the privilege of working in our community to help nourish children year-round by partnering with Kids’ Food Basket. A great way to serve is through the supper packs program that you can do as a group during your group time. It’s easy. Click here for instructions and to sign up.


Each group finds ways to care for one another. But there may also be times when you may want to connect with your staff contact to get more help than the group can provide. Please do not hesitate to reach out so we can help serve you and your group well!


The winter Small Group Leader Huddle is February 23. Huddles are where we get together, learn from each other and get better together. The topic for our winter huddle is praying in and for your group. If you can’t attend, send someone to represent your group. Please register today.


Welcome to week five of our winter series, Learning to Trust. This week we hear the story of Sarai and Abram’s attempt at a shortcut to God’s promise.

As a kid, what was something that you felt like you had to wait forever to happen?

Have someone read Genesis 16. What kinds of emotions are happening in this story? What is something interesting or new you hadn’t heard before?



Abram and Sarai have been waiting for a long time. How do most people tend to respond to being required to wait? What are some things we do to take shortcuts?

Looking again at Genesis 16:1-3, what do you think about their solution to all the waiting?



Everyone in this story (apart from God) has contributed to this explosive conflict. How do Abram, Sarai and Hagar all respond in the wrong way?

What are some healthier ways they could have responded to each other?

When have you witnessed similar reactions to relational conflict?

None of us are immune to relational mistakes. What is your usual default in these kinds of tense situations? How does that impact those around you?



Whatever happened between Hagar and Sarai was traumatic enough for Hagar to run away.  What kinds of things must she have been thinking and feeling on her escape?

Read Genesis 16:11-13 again. What do you find striking about the message she is given? How is the name she gives God significant?

What do you think changed for Hagar after her encounter with God?

What are some difficult relationships or situations that we often run away from? How does it affect you to know that God sees, knows and cares deeply for you and the situation you may be in?



God-willing we do not experience what Hagar did. But there are times when God may be calling us to do something difficult we would rather avoid. What are some difficult situations God may ask us to endure? What’s the difference between something difficult and something physically dangerous?

How have you seen God bless you or someone you know when you responded with trust to a challenge from God?



This week we talked about the conflict and consequences within Abram’s family.  What was something in the sermon that either encouraged or challenged you this week? What’s one next step you plan to take after our conversation today?

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