Feb 29/Mar 1 House Cleaning

Feb 29 / Mar 1 House Cleaning

Feb 29/Mar 1 House Cleaning



Each faith story has the opportunity to impact others. From daily reminders to life transformations, stories show how God is moving in the lives of his people. We’d love to hear the stories of those in your group. No story is too big or too small. Encourage your group members to share their story at adabible.org/stories.


We are highlighting serving in March. In January, we shared that it is a goal for each small group to serve the community at least once this winter/spring. One of the best ways to serve as a group is to have a serving champion in the group, someone passionate about helping others. Discuss who should be the serving champion in your group.


We are so grateful for our small group leaders. God wants to work in your group, and leaders are uniquely designed to help. To celebrate, small group leaders are invited March 13 from 6:30-8:30 at the East Paris Campus for a night of laughter, celebration and inspiration. Register here so we can save a spot for you.


Welcome to the first week of our series that takes us to Easter, Missing the Point. This week, we see that it’s what Jesus does on Monday that gets him killed on Friday.

What’s one of the most crowded and busy places you’ve ever been to?

Read Mark 11:15-19 aloud. What words or phrases stand out to you? What do you think it would be like to witness what is happening?


Pastor Jeff Manion asked us to approach this series with a soft heart. We should not look at the religious elites and think they were a bunch of idiots but look at our mistakes as well. What do you think he means by that? What difference does that make for today’s conversation?

What stood out to you about what Pastor Jeff said about the temple and its courts?



How does Jesus shut down the temple? Why do you think he brings it to a standstill?

The temple was built with various courts. The Court of Gentiles was on the outer edge. Who are the gentiles? How easy would it be to worship in the Court of Gentiles with so much money-changing and sales going on?

Read aloud 1 Kings 8:41-43. What is Solomon praying God does when people come to the temple? Who is he talking about? Do you feel like the religious leaders of Jesus’ day valued that like Solomon?

How do Jesus’ words tell us he values the gentiles?

Who might feel like they are on the outside looking in today? How can we make our relationship with Jesus appealing to all people, not just those who are like us?

What are some ways we can develop God’s heart for people who aren’t like us? How can put that into action?



What was the importance of the temple for Jews around the time Jesus is ministering? How has Jesus already hinted that he was replacing the temple in his ministry?

How might Jesus’ disruption foreshadow the disruption to the religious system his life, death and resurrection are bringing about?

Have someone read Ephesians 2:11-13. What do you think Paul means by saying that we have been brought near? How have you experienced that?

Read aloud Mark 15:33-38. What’s the significance of the temple veil ripping in two? How does it make you feel to know that God gives you direct access to him through Jesus? How can we take advantage of that direct access to God as we go through our day?



This week we discussed the events of Monday that led to Jesus getting killed on Friday. What’s one thing that stood out to you from our discussion? Is there an action you need to take based on that or a further reflection you need to commit to?

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