Feb 23/24 Competition for the Heart

Feb 23/24 Competition for the Heart

Welcome to first week of our new series, Correcting Spiritual Drift. This week’s conversation centers around three things to remember when we start to drift spiritually.


Building healthy and life-giving relationships.


What has been new or challenging in your life since last time the group met? Spend 20–30 minutes checking in with each other.

Share Part of Your Story

Do you have a good sense of direction? Share about a time when your sense of direction failed you.

Safe Environment

Today’s discussion and others in this series present an opportunity for your group to honestly look at those areas of life where you struggle most. To do this, your small group needs to be safe. Take a moment today to talk about this statement from the small group covenant: Groups are only safe if things can be shared in confidence. If we share something outside of the group, we breach the trust of the group. When we break confidentiality, it often leads to hurt feelings and ruined relationships.


Taking next steps toward Christ together.

Have someone read aloud 1 Kings 16:29-33 and 1 Kings 17:1. What jumps out to you? How is Ahab described?

Rescued for a Reason

The story of the Bible is a story of God desiring to be known. As you think through some of the Old Testament stories, how do you see God desiring to be known through each story?

Discuss this statement: God didn’t create because he was lonely or bored. He created because he is so full that he desired to share himself with us.

How does it make you feel to hear God wants to be known by you?

Have someone in your group retell the story of the Exodus. What do you think it means to say Israel was not just rescued from something but for something?

Israel sat on important trade routes between three continents. What are some of the ways Israel was supposed to be unlike the neighboring countries? What is the significance of that?

Just like Israel, Jesus’ death on the cross rescued us for a reason. What do you think we were rescued to do? What are some ways we are supposed to be unlike the people around us?

Counterfeit Gods

Fear drove the Israelites to worship Baal. What did Baal represent for them?

We often take a good thing and make it the only thing that matters. Why do you think it is so easy to do that? What are some things people do that with today?

We are all naturally inclined to turn away from God by turning something good into the only thing that matters. Where do you find yourself doing this? What from your past do you think causes you to do it?

What are some practical ways you keep from drifting spiritually? Is there something small you regularly do to keep from turning something good into the ultimate thing?

Finding Home

God sends Elijah to stop the spiritual drift. What does Elijah do? Why do you think God uses a drought?

Sometimes God uses the consequences of our actions to help us see that the things we place our trust in are unreliable. This happens in Jesus’ story of the prodigal son. How have you seen this in your own life?

One of the songs we sang in the weekend services was “Reckless Love.” The song says, “When I was Your foe, still Your love fought for me.” How does it make you feel to know God did that for you?

Today’s conversation helps us remember that God rescued us for a reason, the pull of counterfeit gods, and the beautiful reality that God wants us home. What encouraged you the most from the discussion? Where were you challenged? What’s one thing you can start doing this week to overcome that?


Valuing people outside the group and outside the faith.

Discuss how you and your group can better engage the people in your life outside your small group.

Group Growth

This February, our Invest in Others section is focusing on group growth. We are thinking through the question, “Who needs what our group has?” If someone has come to mind, come up with a plan to invite them to your group. Consider starting with a social event like a meal or game night.


Download a printable PDF here.