Feb 20/21 How Long?
Feb 20/21 How Long?

Feb 20/21 How Long?

Feb 20/21 How Long?



This week we begin our new series called Honest to God. This series explores some of the Psalms of Lament, showing us what an honest conversation with God looks like. We believe this is perfect for our current season of life. We recognize the topic of lament can surface deep emotions and struggles. Ask God for wisdom as you approach this conversation. Please reach out to us at sdg@adabible.org if care needs arise in your group.


This month we are highlighting serving as we invest in others. We have some great opportunities for you to serve our local community as a small group in a safe way. For more information, email Sheryl Thompson.


Meet with your staff contact one-on-one. Reach out to your small group pastor or director to check-in, provide an update on how God is working in your group and any struggles you face as a leader. They would love to connect, pray with you and support you.


Welcome to our brand-new sermon series Honest to God. Over the next six weeks, we’ll study prayer as modeled in the book of Psalms. This week, Pastor Jeff Manion teaches on the three invitations of lament.

If you could get away this spring, where would you go and why?

Have someone read Psalm 13 aloud. What feelings or emotions does this passage communicate?



Pastor Jeff Manion described lament as saying to God, “Things are not going well, and we need to talk about it.” What weight does one-third of the Psalms being lament reveal about God’s desire to hear from us when life is not going well?

David possibly wrote Psalm 13 during a decade of hiding from King Saul. What legitimate concerns and fears do you think David wrestled with during this season?

How we complain and to whom matters. Why is turning toward God in complaint so important?



David moves from complaint to asking God for help. When have you seen someone’s perspective shift toward God in deep difficulty?

Throughout Jesus’ ministry, people came and pleaded for his help, and he responded with compassion. How does knowing this encourage you to ask God for help in a situation you’re facing?



David ends his Psalm with confident trust in God’s character. How does Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection reveal God’s character and anchor your trust in him for the future?

Pastor Jeff shared a conversation from Pastor Tim Keller about the difference between relative hope and infallible hope. How does understanding infallible hope build your confidence in God, even if the situation doesn’t change?



Our conversation this week focused on the three invitations of lament—complain, ask and trust. Take a moment to fill in the blanks and create a personal prayer of lament. Share your prayer with the group as you are comfortable. “God, here’s what’s really going on ______________________. Gracious God, help me with ______________________. I trust you because ____________________________.”


Download a printable PDF.