Feb 19/20 Finishing the Race
Feb 19/20 Finishing the Race

Feb 19/20 Finishing the Race

Feb 19/20 Finishing the Race



Giving Tables are a great way to make a tangible difference for women, men and families in our community through local ministries. Participate individually or as a group. Find our lists, maps and links at adabible.org/givingtables.


This month we focus on Care. A big part of care is knowing what’s going on and being there when someone needs you. This requires honesty and admitting we can use help. As the group leader, consider how you stay up-to-date with your group members throughout the week.


If you missed the Winter Leader Huddle on Sunday, there’s one more chance to huddle up with other leaders and learn from each other. Join us Sunday, February 27. We’re discussing the thing we all want to happen in our small group: Spiritual Growth! Register at adabible.org/leaderhuddle.


Welcome to the final week of INFLUENCE. Our conversation this week centers around finishing well.

If you’ve been following the Winter Olympics, what are some of your favorite events?

Have someone read Acts 20:17-25. What’s going on in these verses? What do you think the emotions might be like?



Paul says he wants to finish the race. Why do you think Paul uses a running image?

Hills have a way of knocking runners out of races. What makes hills so difficult?

Hills are normal in life. What hills have you encountered recently?

Hills can start to stack up and lead to exhaustion. How is it important to begin to look around to recognize what hills you’ve already committed to?



Finishing a race often depends on pace. How does our pace impact whether or not we finish well?

One way to evaluate whether we are running at an unsustainable pace is to consider our desire for escape. How is our pace related to our desire to escape?

A vacation or escape isn’t the answer to an unsustainable pace. A sustainable pace is. Do you feel like you are running at a sustainable or unsustainable pace?

If your pace seems unsustainable, what changes can you make?

While many of us might feel like our pace is unsustainable, some need to pick up the pace. What’s the risk of just coasting through life without a proper pace?



World-class runners focus on running but also prioritize recovery. Why is recovery so essential?

Pastor Jeff Manion said you have to plan for recovery. You won’t feel like doing it when the time comes. How have you experienced this in your life?

What are some activities that help you recover?

Taking the time to recover doesn’t just impact you—it impacts those around you. How can you prioritize recovering and help those around you prioritize it?



What does Paul say his race is in Acts 20:24?

Paul’s been through some really tough things in life. What hardships has Paul endured?

Paul maintains a focus on the good news of God’s grace despite everything he’s gone through. How do you think he’s done it?

Pastor Jeff Manion encouraged us to ask God for a fresh vision of his goodness. Take a moment to pray for this specifically as a group right now.



Today we discussed what it means to finish well. Do you feel like you need to focus on hills, pace, recovery or grace in this season of life—and what’s one way you’ll focus on it?