Feb 15/16 Laughter & Tears

Feb 15/16 Laughter & Tears

Feb 15/16 Laughter & Tears



Worship Night is coming up February 28.  Talk about attending this as a small group at 6:30 pm or 8:30 pm. Be sure to sign up here.


This month we focus on caring for others. Care is shown in lots of ways. Maybe it’s a phone call or text to someone during the week to encourage them. Other times, it might be lending a helping hand. Take some time to honestly share in your group. How can your group care for one another this week?


Grow in your leadership skills at our next Small Group Leader Huddle February 23 at each of our four campuses. Gather with other leaders to talk about praying in your groups. Practicing with other group leaders, you’ll walk away with tools to help you feel more confident with prayer in your group and praying for your group.


Welcome to week six of our winter series, Learning to Trust. This week, we see God come through on His promise to Abraham and Sarah and how they respond in trust.

As we find ourselves in the middle of the winter season, it’s easy to get in a discouraged and tired mindset.  Instead, what is one thing you are grateful for right now?

Have someone from your group read Genesis 21:1-21 aloud.  What are the big movements in the story?



How many years has it been since God had made the promise to Abraham? How do you think Abraham and Sarah feel as Isaac is born, fulfilling God’s promise?

How can it be easy to stop trusting God when things start going well? When do you feel like you experienced this?

We can be at different places on the journey of trust—whether it’s waiting on God’s promises or rejoicing/praising for a promise fulfilled. Where do you feel like you are on the journey of trust? What does trust look like for you in this season of life?



Even though God delivered on his promise, the consequences of the shortcut we discussed last week are still hanging around. How do we see the ripple effect of sin in this passage?

As we live in a world that is still broken under the effects of sin, what are some life circumstances or events where we see this same tension of joy and sorrow creep in at the same moment? How have you felt both laughter and tears together?

Have someone read Revelation 21:4 aloud.  What does this verse tell us about God’s plan for our future with him?  How does that make you feel? How can it be encouraging in moments of either laughter or tears?



What do you think is going through Hagar’s mind as she is pushed away? How do you think you would be feeling?

Read these passages aloud: Psalm 34:18, Psalm 147:3, Psalm 56:8. What do they show about God’s heart toward the broken-hearted?  What jumps out to you?

Where have you felt like you have been pushed away or rejected? What did that feel like? How did God meet you in that space?

How can we care for others by modeling God’s tender kindness to those who have been pushed away?

Throughout Scripture, Jesus refers to His gift of living water and source of true life. How might this story of God meeting Hagar in the desert foreshadow this?

Instead of finding real life in Jesus, what other things does our culture turn to today to find satisfaction and fulfillment? What do you think it means for you to find trust in Jesus’ gift of living water?



This week we talked about the trusting God in moments of tears and laughter. Where do you find yourself needing to trust God today, and what’s one step you can take to grow in that this week?

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