Feb 1/2 The Covenant

Feb 1/2 The Covenant

Feb 1/2 The Covenant



There are exciting events coming up for both men and women. Man Night is February 13 and Thrive Gathering is February 18 or 20. These are great opportunities to attend or serve as a group. If you are interested in serving at either event, email us at smallgroups@adabible.org to let us know.


This month caring for your group is our highlighted value.  As a group, try to find ways to serve each other. Is there a group member going through a challenging season? How can your group rally around them?


The winter Small Group Leader Huddle is February 23. Huddles are where we get together, learn from each other and get better together. The topic for our winter huddle is praying in and for your group. Please register today.


Welcome to week four of our winter series, Learning to Trust. This week’s conversation centers around God’s covenant with Abram.

What is one of the most daunting contracts you have ever signed?

Have someone from your group read Genesis 15 aloud.  Have someone summarize what is going on.



What is the first thing God says to Abram in Genesis 15? Why do you think he says that?

How does Abram express his doubt in God? Why do you think he has started to doubt?

Why do you think the Bible includes a story about Abram doubting?

How does God respond to Abram? How does it make you feel to see God respond that way?

What are some life events that cause people to doubt whether they can trust God? How has that happened to you?

Is there somewhere you feel like God is asking you to trust him? What do you think is your next step in that area?

How can looking back at what God has done for us in the past help us with our doubts? What’s something you can do to help yourself remember what God has done for you?

Why do you think Abram’s belief is credited to him as righteousness? What does that mean?



What doubt does Abram have in Genesis 15:8? What do you know about the story of Abram that helps understand why he doubts himself?

Abram’s doubt isn’t misplaced. Why can it be easy to feel like we aren’t good enough for God?

What’s the point of the ritual involving the animals? Why is it significant that only God passes through?

How does this story help us remember that a relationship with God isn’t about us being good enough?

In what ways does this story point to Jesus? What is a relationship with God really dependent on?



This week we discussed God’s covenant with Abram. What was new to you? How can today’s discussion give your clarity and confidence in your relationship with God?


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